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The Importance of Routine Furnace Maintenance

Stay Safe, Stay Warm With Routine Furnace Tune-Ups

The winter season can be harsh, with temperatures frequently dipping below freezing. It's no surprise that the furnace gets a lot of use every winter! 

One of the best ways to keep these units working efficiently all year long is to kick off the cold season with a furnace tune-up. A furnace tune-up usually includes replacing the air filter and cleaning and lubricating all moving parts. An HVAC technician will examine every part of the furnace, make sure it's working properly and efficiently, and make adjustments or repairs. 

This article will expand on just a few of the many benefits of routine furnace tune-ups.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

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A furnace is a fuel-burning appliance, and in the process of warming the air, it emits carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a toxic, odorless gas that can cause sickness and even death in large doses. Installing a carbon monoxide detector is a good first step in protecting a family from this invisible threat. A great second step is a furnace tune-up: an HVAC technician will ensure the furnace is operating properly and not emitting harmful gases to contaminate the air.

They will also check the soundness of the natural gas supply lines. A natural gas leak is a fire hazard; natural gas is combustible and, if sparked, could cause an explosion. Don't let this potential threat become a reality by ignoring the furnace. Ensure the safety of the family and home with an annual furnace tune-up.

Enjoy Maximum Warmth and Comfort

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A neglected furnace will struggle to keep the home warm and at the desired temperature. This could be because of dirt or debris collecting on moving parts, motor failure, or a dirty air filter. With a tune-up, the moving parts in a furnace will be cleaned and lubricated, to be kept in their best working order.

An HVAC technician will also replace the air filter and check the pilot light and ignition to ensure the furnace is kicking on exactly when it should. If there are electrical issues between the thermostat and furnace, a technician can address those problems.

When all the furnace parts are working smoothly, the air will warm quickly and move freely into the home, creating a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

Ensure Long-Lasting Efficiency From the HVAC System


Most household furnaces can last as long as fifteen years, but only if they are properly maintained. Routine furnace tune-ups will protect a furnace's parts from breaking down prematurely and prevent a total system breakdown. An annual tune-up is much cheaper than having to replace the entire furnace.

Routine furnace tune-ups also save money by keeping the system operating at maximum efficiency. Old, dirty furnaces may take time to turn on, turn on and off frequently, or use more energy to distribute the air. An HVAC technician can prevent that with a furnace tune-up, which will keep all the parts of the furnace working together quickly and quietly. 

A well-maintained furnace uses less fuel and electricity, which lowers utility bills and benefits homeowners' bottom line. 

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