Muskegon Burst Pipe Repair

Fast and professional burst pipe repair services in Muskegon

Homeowners in Muskegon are no strangers to freezing temperatures - which is why they should also know the dangers of a burst pipe emergency. For those who don’t, what starts as an easy day at home, can quickly escalate to gallons of water pouring into your living room. At Lascko Services we offer burst pipe repair services that can prevent damage to your property and restore your plumbing to working order quickly and effectively.

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What Causes Burst Pipes?

The plumbing in your home is key to just about every system ranging from dishwashers to water heaters. That’s why it’s important to know what causes burst pipes, so you can take preventive measures. Common causes include:

  • Frozen Pipes: Muskegon winters can get pretty cold. When pipes freeze and thaw, it weakens them to the point of breakage. Frozen pipe repair is one of the more common services we provide, particularly during the winter months.
  • Invasive Roots: Generally when you plant new trees and landscaping additions, you should always try to keep them away from your water mains. As roots grow down, they search for water, and your plumbing is the perfect supply.
  • Construction Damage: Digging a new pool in your yard? Making some home renovations? Look out for your plumbing. A common reason for burst pipes is damaged caused during construction.
  • Severe Clogs: The problem with clogging in your plumbing is over time it can create excess pressure in your pipes. The worse it gets, the bigger the strain on joints and connections. Eventually, that pressure will be too great, and you can find yourself with a plumbing emergency.
  • Old Age: Like anything, your plumbing can weaken with age. The older your plumbing is the more susceptible it is to deterioration. If you see rust in your water, notice low water pressure, or find small leaks, a burst pipe may be on the horizon.

At Lascko Services we are available for fast and effective broken pipe repair. No matter the cause, our plumbers will get to your home quickly, locate the problem, and provide you with a long-lasting repair solution.

How to Handle Burst Pipe Repairs?

A burst pipe repair should always be considered an emergency because of the amount of damage it can cause in your home. The first thing you should do if a pipe bursts is to locate the main water valve. By closing it, you can limit damage and keep your belongings safe.
Once you’ve handled that, give our plumbing contractors a call. As our slogan says, “when you need us we’ll be there.”

Urgent Plumbing Repairs from Lascko Services

We’ve been helping homeowners in and around the Muskegon area with all their plumbing needs since 1999. As locals and plumbing professionals we understand how dangerous cold temperatures can be to plumbing. That’s why we offer frozen pipe repairs and water leak repairs.
With our help, you can keep your home dry and enjoy quality plumbing solutions with every call. Don’t just take our word for it.

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A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency and needs a fast response. Call Lascko Services at (231) 725-2777 and enjoy flat-rate pricing and quality frozen pipe repair solutions today!