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Clogs are universally one of the most common problems people deal with in their plumbing. Whether they’re caused by your little ones trying to flush toys down the toilet or a scale buildup in your pipes, a blockage can quickly limit your flow of water and leave you with a frustrating mess. Although plenty of savvy homeowners try their best to fix the problem on their own, more severe clogs require tougher methods.

Lascko Services is your hydrojetting company, keeping plumbing in Muskegon free-flowing and free of clogs.

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How Are Hydro Jetting Services Performed?

When your store-bought cleaners can't quite cut it, and you’re tired of using your plunger, you may need a heavy-duty drain cleaning, and hydrojetting is that service. Hydrojetting is a highly pressurized jet of water, something like a pressure cleaner, the pumps water through your pipes.
As it runs, it removes any and all blockages including scale, waste, and even tree roots. Unlike store bought cleaners that may cause more damage than good, hydrojetting is safe for your plumbing and will provide you with better results as well.

What Causes Blocked Pipes?

Excess toilet paper is probably one of the more common causes for a clog in your plumbing, but there are a few more serious reasons that require the help of a hydro jetter. They include:

  • Scale: If your home uses well water, or unfiltered water, hard water scale may be a common concern for you. Scale is a mineral deposit that’s left on your pipes as water flows through them. Over time that buildup hardens and grows, eventually leaving you with a complete blockage.
  • Tree Roots: Your landscaping may be beautiful, but it could also be damaging your plumbing. Trees and plants with deep root systems are always looking for a source of water, and one of the best places to find it is in your plumbing. When roots grow into minor cracks or holes, they can damage your pipes or block them at the very least.
  • Cooking Grease: There’s a reason people tell you not to throw cooking grease down the drain. As it cools, it hardens, and eventually becomes sticky, attracting other debris to it. Over time that hardened grease will stop the flow of water from your sink and kitchen.
  • Large Clogs: Although simple clogs like toilet paper and hair can be removed with some DIY approaches, if left unchecked, those small clogs can turn into massive clogs. The moment these blockages set into your plumbing you’ll lose your window for DIY fixes, and find yourself in need of hydrojetting.

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