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If you're looking for an air conditioning contractor you can trust, look no further than Lascko Services. We give you the result you're looking for, from standard maintenance and repairs to efficient solutions for even the worst HVAC emergencies. Each one of our technicians is thoroughly trained so that you get unparalleled service when they're repairing your systems. We've provided top-rated AC solutions for over a decade. Call us to book an appointment at 231-725-2777.

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What To Look For When Choosing an AC Service Company

Residents in Whitehall know how quickly heat and humidity levels can escalate inside when the air conditioner fails. So, when they need an AC company they can trust, how to know which one to choose with so many options available?

Here's what to look for.

Satisfied Customers
Online reviews are some of the most significant factors when deciding on a home improvement company. When browsing online, make sure to read through the reviews to see what other customers have said about the business.

Many home cooling services can be expensive, depending on what they entail. However, having a balance between more expensive and more affordable services can distinguish a good company from one that just wants to make more money. We're in the business of earning our living by doing our job well, not squeezing everything we can out of the customer. We offer a multitude of services for every budget, and we always work to get you what you need within your means.

Trustworthy Technicians
When you're desperate to have your air conditioner fixed, you want to be sure the company you hire sends qualified technicians capable of fixing your problem quickly and accurately. Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and certified to work on most major brands, so you can rest assured you're getting high-quality work every time.

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Why Routine AC Maintenance is Important

Many homeowners don't realize the importance of yearly air conditioner maintenance and tune-ups. So, if you've neglected this critical chore, here are some of the many benefits of calling Lascko Services for annual service.

Longer System Lifespan
Older HVAC units become more and more challenging to maintain, but a newer unit that receives little to no attention will almost certainly fail out faster than it should. Regular maintenance helps you extend that shelf-life and get the most out of your system.

Improved Efficiency
Scheduling regular maintenance keeps your system running at peak performance. As air conditioners age, they work harder to keep your home cool, causing your utility bills to go up. Our techs also clean out any parts that gather excessive dust or any other buildup to help keep your energy bills in line.

Keeps Costly Repairs Down
A major breakdown requires a costly repair or replacement. You can avoid falling into this by getting regular cleaning that works toward decreasing the likelihood of an entire system shutdown.

Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air
As your air conditioner works day after day, dust, dirt, and pet dander build up in the system and spread throughout the house. This can be detrimental to people suffering from allergies or upper respiratory problems like asthma. Our technicians will clean your system thoroughly to ensure you get clean, healthy indoor air so everyone can breathe easier.

Before you call another AC service company, please check out our customer reviews and contact us for an appointment.

When to Call an AC Company

Your air conditioner is a complex machine with many integral parts. So, when it's not performing correctly, it can be a challenge to know what's wrong and how to solve the problem. Our qualified professionals know air conditioners inside and out and can quickly identify the issue.

So, when should you call us for repairs?

  • If your air conditioner makes strange noises like squealing, screeching, or rattling when it's running.
  • If your air conditioner emits burning odors or other odd smells.
  • If the indoor unit is leaking.
  • If you experience electrical issues like tripped breakers, or dimming or flickering lights when it's operating.
  • If you're not getting adequate airflow coming from the vents.

When you need an air conditioning contractor you can count on in Whitehall, the choice is clear. Call Lascko Services at 231-725-2777.