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Whether you’re a new homeowner or need to upgrade your comfort level, you can trust the certified professionals at Lascko Services in North Muskegon. We’re a family-owned company that’s helped area homeowners with all of their heating and cooling needs since 1999. And along the way, we’ve built some lasting friendships and some lasting home improvements. We handle everything from air duct improvements to complete air conditioner installations.

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Why Routine AC Maintenance is Essential

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t see the value in annual air conditioner maintenance. However, it’s essential to keep your system running efficiently, minimize expensive repairs, and extend its lifespan.

If you’ve been putting off getting an AC tune-up, here are several reasons to call now and make an appointment.

Extends System Lifespan
While it isn’t always possible to prevent an older system from breaking down, a little maintenance can go a long way. Regular maintenance can help you prevent the issues commonly associated with aging HVAC systems – working harder to cool, increasing your monthly utility bills, etc. Also, routine care is directly correlated with how long a system will last. Ignoring regular maintenance can shave years of your system’s life expectancy. At the same time, annual checkups can buy you extra time in some cases.

Reduces Costly Repairs
Getting regular maintenance done on your system means you’ll be able to avoid the costly repairs typically associated with a total system breakdown. In many cases, system failure happens because of minor neglected issues that escalate over the years. Routine maintenance catches these problems to prevent expensive repairs down the road.

Increases System Efficiency
Regular maintenance means your system will be running cleaner and smoother for longer. This can help your system cool or heat more efficiently while even bringing down utility costs.

Better Indoor Air Quality
The unhealthy indoor air quality typically associated with a malfunctioning HVAC unit can lead to many health problems – asthma attacks, eye, nose, and throat irritation being just a couple of examples. Keeping your system clean means healthier indoor air and reduces the symptoms of upper respiratory problems.

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How to Know When to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner is an expensive but necessary home appliance. And, understandably, most homeowners would want to put off replacing an AC for as long as possible. However, even the most well-maintained air conditioner will eventually fail, so here are the most common signs of upgrading.

It’s a fact that older air conditioners are less efficient than newer models. recommends replacing your air conditioner if it’s over ten years old with a more energy-efficient system to save on your cooling costs.

The $5,000 Rule
Another sign that it’s time to replace your aging air conditioner is by applying the $5,000 rule, which works as follows:

Take the total cost of your repairs and multiply it by how old your system is. If the total exceeds the average cost of a new air conditioner — typically $5,000 — it’s more cost-effective to purchase a new system.

Your AC Uses R-22 or Freon
If your air conditioner needs a refrigerant recharge and uses Freon, you’re usually better off replacing it. Why? Because Freon was banned from sale in the US in January 2020 because it’s damaging to the environment. Because of that, Freon is limited to whatever supplies are left, and it’s becoming more and more expensive. Air conditioners that use Freon are over 20 years old now, so it’s typically not worth paying the high price of Freon when replacement is the better option.

Your Cooling Expenses Are Rising
It’s normal for your cooling expenses to rise slightly during summer when you’re using your system more; however, if it jumps higher than expected, it may be that your air conditioner is using too much energy because it’s past its prime. While a tune-up can sometimes bring costs back in line, in most cases, you’ll need to upgrade to a more efficient unit.

Your AC Is Less Effective
Have you noticed that your home isn’t as cool this year as before? Suppose your air conditioner seems to struggle to maintain the desired temperature. It usually means that the internal parts are wearing out, and the system can’t keep up with your demands anymore.

Because temperatures in North Muskegon can spike drastically during summer, it’s never a good idea to wait until then to determine that you need a complete system replacement. Instead, look to Lascko Services for reliable and professional cooling services. We offer expert AC repairs, installations, and even maintenance to keep your system working better for longer.

When to Call an AC Service Company

One never knows what Mother Nature has in store for us. And during summer, indoor heat and humidity levels can rise quickly to unhealthy and dangerous levels if your air conditioner isn’t working properly.

The best way to avoid total AC breakdown is to call an air conditioning contractor if you notice any of the following problems:

  • Poor airflow coming from the vents
  • Warm air
  • Strange odors
  • Unusual noises like rattling, buzzing or squealing
  • Moisture leaks

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