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Are you dealing with a plumbing issue in your home? Been ignoring that leaky faucet? What starts out as a small plumbing issues can quickly turn into a plumbing nightmare, which can have serious effects on your home. If you live in or around the Fremont area, Lascko Services is here to help. With over 20 years of experience and the happy customers to show for it, we make dealing with plumbing repairs a stress-free experience. Best of all, when you need us most, you can count on us to help!

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Dealing with a burst pipe or a water leak in the middle of the night is nobody's idea of a good time. Unfortunately, these accidents do happen, and a bad situation like that can be made worse if you don't already have someone you can call. At Lascko Services we've been dealing with these and other plumbing emergencies since our founding. We've grown to love the challenge that every new service brings, and we enjoy bring our top-notch solutions to you. You won't ever have to stress again if you're facing down a plumbing emergency.

Below you'll find just a few of the usual plumbing emergencies that we help our clients with:

Regardless of the type of plumbing emergency, you have on your hands, our expert team of technicians can solve it, no problem. We'll handle every call and every job with our renowned professionalism and reliability. Give us a call today so you can experience the service we've been sharing for almost 20 years.

No Harsh Chemicals, Please!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to unclog a drain yourself. Typically, you will begin to notice water puddling in the sink or shower. After a while, that puddle will grow and you might decide to buy chemical drain cleaner.

This choice might not seem like a bad one at first - no waiting around for a plumber, no plumber’s fees, and immediate results. However, store-bought cleaners usually contain lye. Lye is used because it is corrosive and can help disintegrate whatever is blocking your pipe. Unfortunately, this same corrosiveness can damage your plumbing in the process. A trained plumber will be able to address the blockage and typically remove it without the use of harsh chemicals or the possibility of damaging your pipes.

Preventing Burst Pipes

The biggest source of headaches during the winter season isn’t always from the weather - it is from making preparations for the cold and hoping that no emergencies occur. There are several ways to prevent burst pipes, and the first of which is to call Lascko Services. We can help ready your home for any potential freezes and inform you of the best plumbing practices. A few other ways to prevent burst pipes include:

  • Leaving one or two faucets slowly running- this constant movement of water will help prevent the lines from freezing
  • Keep pipes near exterior walls warm by directing heat toward them
  • Opening cabinet doors for any sinks that are on outside walls (typically the kitchen sink)

Lascko Services Saving the Day

Whether your plumbing problem is an immediate emergency or just a nagging question, it is important that you have the right solution presented. Our technicians pride themselves on their knowledge and their professionalism, and our customer service representatives enjoy making your day just a bit better. So no matter the day, the time, or the plumbing problem, give Lascko Services a call!

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