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If you’ve ever woken up to a burst pipe, stepped into a freezing cold shower, or witnessed water puddle up in a drain, you’ve needed a plumber. For homeowners in the North Muskegon area, Lascko Service is here to help. Since opening our doors in 1999 our goal has always been to provide homeowners with expert services at great prices.

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At Lascko Services, we aim to please our customers by developing plumbing solutions they truly need. Our technicians are trained to diagnose your plumbing problem and offer all solutions available. They also understand the need to stick to a budget so our guys won’t try to push you toward the most expensive repair or solution.

In the North Muskegon area, our goal is to provide professional and courteous plumbing services on a daily basis. We have an incredible array of options available for residents who want to address any complications with the plumbing systems in their homes. When you work with our team, you're getting access to these incredible services:

As a homeowner, you want to know that the technicians servicing your home are the real deal. We have extensive experience in multiple different systems and we go through regular training on the maintenance of all major brands.

What Causes Burst Pipe Emergencies?

Did you know that a pipe freezing isn’t the only way for it to burst? No matter the cause of a burst pipe, acting fact can save you a hefty amount in repair bills. However, there are some other causes to be in the lookout for including:

  • Tree roots: Most often, tree roots do not grow towards pipes unless there is a source of moisture that leads them in that direction. With that said, if the leak is not repaired and the tree roots continue to grow, they can cause clogged and/or burst pipes
  • Digging deep: It’s important to know where plumbing lines are in your yard to prevent burst pipes. If you are digging to install a new pool or koi pond, it is possible to burst a pipe with the shovel or excavator
  • Clogged pipes: We’re not talking about the clogs that require a quick service drain cleaning - we’re talking about the clogs that build up over long periods of time, creating significant pressure in your plumbing. Eventually this pressure will cause your pipe to burst
  • Old pipes: Every appliance, every piece of furniture, and yes, your plumbing all have a lifespan. Depending on how old your plumbing is and what the pipes are made of, they could be more prone to bursting

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Lascko Services is proud to serve the North Muskegon community! We have been a family-operated business since 1999 are ready to become part of yours! Of course, we know that we have to earn that position, but we are willing to work for it. Through skilled technicians, friendly customer service representatives and managers that actually know a thing or two, we hope to be your first choice for your next plumbing problem!

There’s no need to look any further for a trustworthy HVAC and plumbing company in North Muskegon! Lascko Services is here to provide the solutions you need; call us today at (231) 725-2777 to learn about what we can do for you.