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Residents in Ravenna know how hot it can get during summer and how quickly heat and humidity levels can rise indoors when their air conditioner isn’t working properly. So, when they need an AC company they can trust to fix their problem quickly at an affordable price, they turn to Lascko Services. We’re a family-owned and operated company that’s proudly served homeowners throughout the area for over two decades. At Lascko Services we work with local homeowners to make sure their home’s HVAC systems work optimally no matter what season they’re preparing for.

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Signs You Need AC Repair

Because summers can be so brutally hot, we often find ourselves repairing or replacing air conditioners before the season starts. However, sometimes people wait too long or rely on systems that haven’t been well-maintained and suffer system breakdowns when they need it most. We don’t want anyone to find themselves without adequate cooling, so we recommend you call for a tune-up or repair if you notice any of the following air conditioner problems.

Strange Odors
It’s normal for your air conditioner to emit strange smells when you start it up after months of sitting idle; however, if odors persist, it could mean you have a mechanical or electrical problem or mold and mildew growth in the system.

Increased Energy Costs
You’re likely aware of the average amount you spend on utilities every month. If this amount suddenly goes up without any change in your cooling habits, it could be due to an aging air conditioner that needs to work harder to reach the set temperature. While repairs may fix the issue, it is usually best to replace it outright due to the long-term savings benefits.

Poor Temperature Control
If your air conditioner is struggling to keep your house as cool as you want, it could mean it is at the end of its life. Like any other aging system, it becomes more and more difficult to get the job done, so this is another situation where you would want to replace the system instead of repairing it when it’s past its prime.

Loud Noises
Any strange or abnormal sounds – such as grinding, banging, and squealing – are signs that your system isn’t working as well as it should or that there is a loose mechanical component somewhere. This can lead to complications, from the component being something important that is no longer in place or lodged somewhere and hurting the system even further. Regardless, any abnormal sounds need to be inspected to find the reason and fix the issue.

These signs could mean a more significant issue you’re not aware of, and ignoring it could lead to expensive repairs or a total system breakdown. To ensure your system is in the best shape to keep you comfortable all summer long, call the certified technicians at Lascko Services if you notice anything unusual going on with your air conditioner.

Is Your AC Ready for Replacement? These Signs Say Yes!

No matter how well-maintained your air conditioner is, it will fail eventually. However, it’s not always apparent when is the right time to send your old air conditioner to the scrap heap and spring for a new one. Here are the most common signs that you may be ready for an upgrade.

Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling
As your air conditioner gets older, you might find that it struggles to keep your home as cool as it did in years past. Sometimes, it may be that the system needs a tune-up to solve the problem, but if it’s getting up in years, it may be more economical to replace it.

Rising Energy Expenses
Another common problem of aging air conditioners is that they lose efficiency. Some experts say an air conditioner can lose up to 5% efficiency every year, and it gets worse if the system isn’t properly maintained. If you’ve not been demanding more from your air conditioner and find your utility bills continue rising, call us to determine if it’s time to replace your system.

Frequent Repairs
If your air conditioner needs repairs every summer, it’s a good sign it’s time to replace it. Air conditioners require more repairs during the last few years of their lives, so if the repair expenses are adding up, it’s better to take that money and spend it on a new, more reliable system.

Lastly, age is one of the most significant factors determining when to replace your air conditioner. The average lifespan of an AC is between 15 and 20 years. Most experts recommend replacing it during the last quarter of its expected life to avoid a catastrophic breakdown. If you’re unsure how old your air conditioner is, call one of our experienced technicians for an inspection.

If you’re ready to replace your air conditioner, call the experts at Lascko Services to set up a consultation.

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