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Top Signs You Need AC Repair

Though your cooling system won't last indefinitely, it will almost always give you warning signs before it breaks down. The key is to learn the most common indicators of AC problems so you can schedule repairs before your unit conks out.

Watch out for the following warning signs of a cooling system that needs repairs:

  • Little to no airflow
  • Warm air
  • High humidity
  • Frequent cycling
  • Leaking water
  • Unusual sounds or odors

At Lascko Services, we can help keep your cooling system running. Whether you need to repair or replace your unit, you can count on us for flat-rate pricing and prompt services. When you need us to fix your air conditioner, we’ll be there promptly, ready to get your system back in top shape.

Professional AC Installation Services

Air conditioning installation requires professional expertise and experience. At Lascko Services, we offer high-quality AC installation services at affordable costs. Our team will guide you throughout the installation process, from selecting the right system for your needs to ensuring a proper installation.

Whether you need a central AC or ductless mini-split system, we can help. With our experience and technical knowledge, we have what it takes to help you make the most of your cooling system.

If you need any further information or have questions about our services, contact us, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Is AC Maintenance Necessary?

Like any other mechanical equipment, your AC needs regular care and attention from an AC service company. Long-time property owners know the value of routine AC maintenance. Act as soon as possible if you've been putting off scheduling your annual AC tune-up or maintenance inspection.

Investing in preventive AC maintenance:

  • Reduces the likelihood of costly repairs
  • Improves your energy-efficiency
  • Boosts your AC performance
  • Extends your system’s life
  • Maintains your warranty
  • Improves your indoor air quality
  • Boosts comfort levels

A maintenance inspection typically includes evaluating system performance, checking refrigerant levels, evaluating mechanical components, and lubricating moving parts. Contact us today for quality maintenance services.

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