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Take Some Time for Yourself on Valentine's Day With a Relaxing Bath

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Relaxing Oasis

Of all of the rooms in a house, the bathroom is both the most used and the most underutilized. People spend lots of time and money remodeling kitchens, making bedrooms tranquil, and installing home theater systems to lounge in front of while investing in the bathroom could be a better choice. 

The bathroom can be the most relaxing room in the house with a few simple tweaks. On Valentine's Day, people should take some time out for themselves and enjoy their bathrooms. Local Muskegon plumbers have some ideas to help. 

Bathtub Styles


The centerpiece of a relaxing bathroom should be the bathtub. Traditionally, bathrooms have come equipped with combination bathtubs and showers. This has been the standard in construction for many years because it offers the greatest versatility and practicality. For relaxation purposes, a combination tub and shower fits the bill nicely. 

More recently, different design styles have taken a turn for more dramatic function and design. Many bathrooms now come with a dedicated tub as well as a shower. This design feature is functional and allows homeowners to individualize their space and add character. The bathtub may even be a whirlpool style to help promote relaxation, or it may be a dramatic platform tub that is tiled around four sides and makes a beautiful centerpiece for any bathroom. 

Relaxing Therapies

Once a bathtub design is in place, it's time to start thinking of different ways to make a bathroom more relaxing. Homeowners can accomplish this in various ways, some of which are supported by science. 

Some relaxing therapies that some homeowners wish to have in their bathrooms can include:

  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a health treatment that allows participants to use plant essential oils to heal the body and mind. Homeowners can do this with essential oils, or for an added touch, they can burn candles for scent and ambiance. 
  • Chromotherapy: With chromotherapy, people use different light frequencies to promote well-being. Different frequencies of light are visible as different colors to the eye and are used to address the frequencies of different ailments. 
  • Music Therapy: What is better than lounging in a bathtub listening to relaxing music? What's better is that it is a scientifically-based method to promote relaxation and healing. Adding music to bath time may be just what the body needs. 

Having a Shower Instead

Some people don't like baths. For those people, a relaxing shower can do the trick. Homeowners can build shower designs around functionality and relaxation as well. Relaxing lighting and music can become usual elements for people who like a long, hot shower. 


For those considering maximizing their showers' comfort, they should take into account several design elements that skilled plumbers can help with. First, a nice showerhead will make the ritual even better. Secondly, having a properly sized hot water tank or a tankless water heater will mean shower-takers can spend as long as they want in the shower without running out of water. 

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