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Don’t Let Small Leaks Turn Into Burst Pipes


How many times have you found a small leak in a pipe? A leak is no big deal, right? Just put a quick fix on it and go about your day! Unfortunately, that is not true. A small leak, even one that only drips a little can turn into a bust pipe in no time at all.

Unlike a small leak, a burst pipe can be a really big deal. It can cause water damage, costly repairs, and even health concerns. This is why we wanted to give an overview of how this can be prevented. Read further to find out how leaks can turn into burst pipes, and how to prevent them.

How A Leak Becomes A Burst Pipe

burstpipeAs mentioned, a burst pipe can be a big issue. There are a few ways that a pipe can burst including freezing temperatures, moving pipes, water pressure, and corrosion.

We are going to look at corrosion for this, as it is in this case that you would more commonly see a leak first. Over time, you can see a buildup of corrosion in your pipes; which can be caused by many things.

As that corrosion chips away, you may experience pinhole size leaks in your pipe. As the water continues to run through the pipe, it will keep chipping away at that hole until it finally opens to a large hole or bursts.

What To Do With A Water Leak?

waterleakIt is understandable that putting a quick fix on a leak is much easier than going through the inconvenience and cost of calling a plumber to repair the issue. Unfortunately, quick fixes can be more time consuming and expensive way to go.

A small or slow leak can turn into a burst pipe within seconds. If, for example, you are not home when the pipe bursts, you could be looking at extensive damage. You can end up with water damage to your floors, walls, furniture, and electrical appliances.

You could have mold and mildew growth due to excess moisture, and it can even cause a fire. For that reason, it is more cost-efficient, and safer, to have the leak handled right away instead of waiting for disaster to strike!

Plumbing For Safety

safeplumbingIn an effort to keep a burst pipe something unheard of in your home, you want to make sure you have your plumbing inspected for safety. Having annual maintenance performed can alert the professionals that you have an issue.

It is better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to a burst pipe. This is why a professional is needed, as they will be able to spot problems you may not be able to see.

Unfortunately, small leaks in pipes can go unnoticed for a long time due to their location. Don’t take that chance and reach out to a technician to have your pipes checked!

Know Who To Trust

If you suspect you have a leak in your pipes, or you want to have them checked for safety, call Lascko Services! We are available for inspections and repairs. We will set your mind at ease so you know your pipes are in good working order. Don’t let disaster strike, call us today at (231) 725-2777

Respectful Technicians

Our technicians wear the proper shoe coverings to protect your floors and clean up any mess left while solving your problem.

Latest Technology

Our technicians are trained in the latest tools and technology to ensure you receive the safest, most efficient service possible.

Licensed & Insured

We are a fully licensed, insured plumbing and HVAC company. Working with us ensures your home and loved ones are protected.

Easy Scheduling

As a homeowner or property owner, we know you’re busy. At Lascko Services, we deliver quality solutions at a time that works for you.

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