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Professional Heating And Air Conditioning Tools And Their Uses

Tools Needed for HVAC Jobs and Their Uses

There are many different tools that are required to keep an HVAC system working properly. That is why it is always recommended to call in a technician to get the job done right because while you may have some of the tools, it is unlikely you will have all the tools necessary for a job like a heater or boiler repair.

Not to mention, there are many different specialties regarding HVAC systems and each technician usually has a specific job with specific tools. Depending on the job, the HVAC company you call will send out the proper technician for the job. That is why it is important to tell the company exactly what is going on with your system. Keep reading to learn more about the tools each technician uses and their purpose.

Essential Tools for Any Job

In general, each technician will be equipped with these main tools in his toolbelt:

  • essential toolsScrewdriver
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Wire strippers
  • Pipe wrench
  • Tape measure
  • Step ladder

Most of these tools are used on a regular basis whether you are dealing with an HVAC or not, but a pipe wrench may not be as familiar. A pipe wrench is used to remove and attach pipes to things like a furnace, for example. It is generally a plumber’s tool, but HVAC technicians use it almost every day as well. No matter the job, these tools don’t stay in the toolbelt long. HVAC technicians use these regularly throughout basically every job they are sent to.

The Specialty HVAC Tools

HVAC mechanics will almost always have all of these specialty tools within reach as well. Things like:

  • Cordless Power Drill - mainly used in tight places like attics to drill holes in the wire
  • Sawzall - used to cut through almost any material on the job
  • Extension Cord
  • Tubing Cutter - cut pipes

They will also have tools that are more to ensure the safety and efficiency of the equipment that was installed by the HVAC installers.

specialized tools

These tools include:

  • Multimeter - lets the technician know when he’s in danger of being electrocuted
  • Thermometer - tells the technician whether or not the equipment is working properly
  • Manifold Gauge - determines if there are any leaks present

The HVAC installers and repairers will also be equipped with tin snips, hand seamers, crimpers, an awl, and staple gun. These tools are typically only used by the installers and repairers because they’re all used in preparing and maintaining ductwork.

Safety On the Job

safety precautionIt is important to hire technicians that are equipped with the proper safety tools, as well as the tools to get the job done. Working on HVAC systems is dangerous work and if your technician is too careless to look out for his own safety, he may not be looking out for your safety either.

It is important for all technicians to come prepared with things like slip-resistant shoes, gloves, arm protectors and a respirator at the very least. This small list of safety gear will ensure he is ready to tackle the job safely and effectively, leaving you to worry less about the end results.

Lascko Services Has the Tools for Any Job

Located in Muskegon, Michigan, Lascko Services claims that when you need them, they’re there. They offer a team of trained experts 24/7 for all your plumbing and HVAC service needs. Their website also offers a list of coupons to help with your decision to choose them for your next appointment.

Respectful Technicians

Our technicians wear the proper shoe coverings to protect your floors and clean up any mess left while solving your problem.

Latest Technology

Our technicians are trained in the latest tools and technology to ensure you receive the safest, most efficient service possible.

Licensed & Insured

We are a fully licensed, insured plumbing and HVAC company. Working with us ensures your home and loved ones are protected.

Easy Scheduling

As a homeowner or property owner, we know you’re busy. At Lascko Services, we deliver quality solutions at a time that works for you.

COVID-19 Amid global concern about COVID-19, we will continue to be here for our customers. As people and companies all across the country take additional preparations to protect against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we acknowledge that your Plumbing, Heating, and AC problems will likely not be taking a break. At this time, we will remain open full-time and will continue to service our customers with the same fast response times you’ve come to expect from us. Due to the increasing number of reported cases in the U.S., we are continuously monitoring the situation. We will also continue to actively assess the necessary actions we need to take in order to ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees, and their families. We hope that you will join us in taking some basic but important measures, such as frequent hand washing, to keep communal risk low.
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