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How to Find Hidden Leaks on Your Property

Pro Tips to Identify Underground Leaks 

Regardless of the location, every home and business has underground plumbing. Burying pipes underground is the surest way to prevent damage and keep pipes from freezing. Unfortunately, on the rare occasion that hidden underground pipes have problems, they can be tricky to troubleshoot. 

One of the most common problems that afflicts underground piping is leaks. While buried pipes are far safer underground, they can spring leaks over time due to age, corrosion, improper installation, and shifting soils. When this happens, identifying the leak quickly can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a huge water bill. 

Home and business owners everywhere should take the time to learn the warning signs and ways to check for hidden water leaks so they can respond quickly and prevent water damage and high water costs. Here is a short guide from local plumbers to help homeowners recognize if underground leaks are present. 

Signs of Underground and Hidden Leaks 

leaksKnowing the signs indicating water leaks is half the battle. When homeowners know the symptoms of hidden leaks, they can call for a plumber much sooner, saving them money. The most common signs that underground or hidden water leaks are present on the property are: 

  • Water seeping out from around foundations or the home’s exterior 
  • Low water pressure inside the house or building
  • High water bills with no apparent cause
  • Puddles of water in the yard when there has been no rain 
  • Sound of running water, even with everything turned off
  • Mold growth or insect infestations

Use the Water Meter to Test for Leaks 

Checking for a water leak can be made easier with the help of a water meter. A water meter is a device that measures the amount of water used in a home or business. By reading the digital display on the meter, homeowners can tell if there is an increase in usage, which could indicate a leak. 

Homeowners should ensure that all plumbing fixtures and appliances are not in use before taking a reading. Then they should wait around an hour without using any water. If the reading remains consistent after that time, they can assume there is no leak; however, if it increases with no water usage, this indicates a leak somewhere. If someone suspects a leak, contacting a plumber as soon as possible is essential so they can fix it before it becomes a major problem.

Water Leak Detection Services

professionalsThe final way to identify a leak is by calling plumbing contractors. Water leaks can cause a lot of damage and cost a lot of money, so it is vital to act quickly to find them. Professional leak detection services use sophisticated technology and techniques to locate the source of water leaks before they cause further destruction.

These professionals can employ advanced equipment, such as infrared cameras and acoustic listening devices, to locate water leaks. Infrared cameras can detect temperature differences in wet and dry surfaces, helping professionals detect hidden water leaks behind walls or beneath floors. Acoustic leak detectors use sound waves to pinpoint the exact location of underground water leaks. These technologies allow professionals to quickly locate a water leak and identify which areas need repair or replacement.

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