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Get Familiar With the Boiler to Steam Things Up on Valentine's Day

3 Facts About Heating Homes With Boilers 

With the rise of forced-air heating in most homes and businesses, boilers have subsided in popularity. Once the system of choice for heating, boilers are now misunderstood and seen as somewhat outdated or, at best unfamiliar. Although many homes and businesses are still heated with boilers, most people feel like boilers are total strangers. 

Valentine’s Day is a time to get to know people better. Instead of being strangers to the boiler system in a home, why not take some time and get to know it? Here is a quick guide from local experts to help homeowners understand their boilers better. Think of it as a dating guide to boilers on this romantic day. 

Your Boiler Probably Doesn’t Boil Water 

boilerWhile boilers were once the primary method of heating, the term is misunderstood in light of modern technology. Old boiler systems used steam to heat rooms. Boilers evaporated water into steam that was piped to radiators. The problem with these systems is that steam can be dangerous under the pressures commonly used in boiler systems. 

Modern boiler designers manufacture systems that use heated water instead to avoid dangers and inherent engineering problems that arise with transporting steam. A boiler heats water to near-boiling temperatures using a heat exchanger similar to what is found in forced-air heating. The hot water is then pumped to radiators, just like in older systems. The result is a beautifully inviting warmth that boiler owners love. 

Boilers Can Be Eco-Friendly 

Boilers have a bad reputation for being wasteful and polluting. Indeed, in past times when boilers were in wider use, they contributed to soot and poor air quality in large cities. But modern boilers are a far cry from their older counterparts and are now designed for recycling the water in their system. 

While fossil fuels still power boilers, they are more accurately compared to high-efficiency furnace systems. When selecting a boiler, homeowners can install models that reach up to 98% efficiency. In addition to being efficient and saving money on gas bills, they are all designed for recycling the water they use in their closed-loop systems. This makes them very eco-friendly choices for heating the home.

Watch Out for Low Pressure 

billLow water pressure is something to look out for, for those already familiar with their boiler system but don’t know much about common problems that can occur. Low pressure is when water in the closed-loop system has lost pressure. This is usually caused by leaks that allow the volume of water to drop or a problem with the refilling system. 

The low water pressure causes a massive loss of efficiency, leading to higher utility bills. Because the water pressure has dropped, the system has to work harder to keep the home warm. This harms the boiler and makes it more likely that it won’t last as long as it would have otherwise. Homeowners should contact a qualified technician immediately after noticing a problem with their boiler to prevent higher heating costs, shorter unit lifespans, and damage to the system. 

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