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As a Grand Haven, MI, resident, you know how extreme the winter weather can be. Between freezing outdoor temperatures, high winds, and seemingly continuous snow, you probably spend most of your time inside your home until Spring arrives. Having a well-functioning home generator is a must in areas where storms and severe weather can cause power disruptions. Don’t let local outages leave you cold and uncomfortable — call Lascko Services for reliable home standby generator solutions today!

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Whole Home Generator Installation

Lascko Services offers fast and affordable backup generator installation services to Grand Haven residents. No matter the time of year, power outages are always a possibility, and it’s good to be prepared. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced in generator installation, and can help you find the best fit for your home and backup power needs.

Common Reasons for Generator Repair

Home generators can fail or malfunction for a number of reasons. If you suspect an issue with your standby generator, reach out to a professional for inspection and repair services. The team at Lascko Services will diagnose and correct any concerns with your generator, so your system can be back up and running in no time. Wondering what might be causing the problem? Here are a few common culprits:

  • Faulty or damaged wiring
  • Contaminated fuel or blocked fuel lines
  • Bad belts
  • Dead batteries
  • Burnt or damaged electrical components

If you want to prevent generator troubles, make sure you are scheduling routine home generator tune-up services, so you can keep your backup power system in tip-top shape.

Want to know more about the generator maintenance or installation process? Contact us to find out, or to schedule an appointment for service.

Benefits of a Home Standby Generator

It can be incredibly stressful when your home loses power, especially when the weather is at its worst. Having access to backup power during an outage has benefits that exceed simple convenience factors. Safety is usually the number one reason homeowners opt to have a backup generator installed on their property. When you lose power, you lose your lights, making you more prone to have an accident, such as tripping and falling, or colliding with something. Not only that, but your security system can’t function without electricity, and an insecure home can be a vulnerable target for a crime.

If safety doesn’t sell you, then consider the perks of automatic and unlimited power that a whole-home generator provides in comparison to a traditional gas-powered generator. Standby units are also more efficient, and they allow you to use your plumbing when your electricity goes out.

Don’t let Ottawa County winters worry you. Enjoy peace of mind when you call Lascko Services at 231-725-2777 for quality home generator installation and repair services in Grand Haven, MI.