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Searching for a plumbing and HVAC company you can trust? The experienced heating and cooling contractors at Lascko Plumbing aim to give you the solutions you want to see in your home. Rom standard maintenance and repairs to efficient solutions for even the worst plumbing or HVAC emergencies, we can give you the result you’re looking for. Each one of our technicians is thoroughly trained so that you get unparalleled service when they’re repairing your systems. We know you’ll be satisfied with all our solutions, both HVAC or plumbing.

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Choosing the Right Air Conditioning and Heating Company for Your Home

Coming home to a broken AC system or leaking water heater is a dreadful situation, but unfortunately, these situations do occur. When they do, it’s necessary to have an emergency plumber that you can rely on to go to your home at any time. With the numbers of options available to homeowners all over Whitehall, it’s difficult to decide on whom to work with. We’d like to make it easy. Keep an eye out for a company that offers these services:

  • Satisfied Customers: Online reviews are some of the biggest factors when deciding on a home improvement company. When you’re browsing online, make sure to read through the reviews in order to see what other customers have said about the business.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services: An emergency home repair can happen, and a lot of the time it can happen when you least expect it. At Lascko Services, we offer 24/7 emergency response because we understand that there are times when you simply can’t put off a necessary repair.
  • Affordable Service: Many home improvement services can be expensive depending on what they entail. However, having a balance between more expensive and more affordable services can distinguish a good company from one which just wants to make more money. We’re in the business of earning our living by doing our job well, not squeezing everything we can out of the customer. We offer a multitude of services for every budget and we always work to get you what you need within your means.

At Lascko Services, we’re happy to be able to provide the services our clients need at the price they want. We're always honest about our pricing and will do our best to remain within your budget. We offer plenty of options from same day installations to 24/7 emergency solutions.

The Advantages of Normal HVAC Maintenance

If you want to prevent having an issue with your HVAC unit where it suddenly breaks down, the fastest and simplest way is to have regular maintenance done on your unit. Even if there’s an unavoidable issue looming, through regular maintenance, you can be aware of any and all complications, and then you can make a decision on whether you’d rather continue with regular maintenance or simply replace the unit overall.
Want to keep your HVAC unit running cleaner for longer? Schedule maintenance with our heating and cooling contractors and you’ll see these benefits:

  • Give Your HVAC a Longer Life: Older HVAC units become more and more difficult to maintain, but a newer unit that receives little to no attention will almost certainly fail out faster than it should. Regular maintenance helps you extend that shelf-life and get the most out of your system.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: By having regular maintenance done, you’re essentially keeping the unit “cleaner.” Meaning that the system will work more smoothly and more efficiently. Our techs also clean out any parts that gather excessive dust or any other buildup.
  • Keep Costly Repairs Down: A major breakdown requires a major fix. Significant fixes can be expensive. You can avoid falling into this by getting regular cleaning that work toward decreasing the likelihood of an entire system shutdown.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: As your heater or air conditioner work, dust is gather throughout and buildup accumulates in certain parts. While this is unavoidable, a lot of the time we see that our customers have an excessive amount of buildup, which can lead to more dust being spread throughout the home.

Stop looking for any other plumbing or HVAC services provider in Whitehall. We want to be your go-to team! We’ve helped plenty of other customers in the area (go see what they said on our reviews page!), and now we want to bring this same level of service to you.

Call us today at (231) 725-2777 to schedule your next HVAC service. Lascko Services offers plenty of options for every homeowner including AC repairs and heating maintenance in Whitehall, MI.