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You count on your furnace and air conditioning unit to keep you comfortable throughout the year, but when the unit starts failing, you quickly take notice. Ravenna, Michigan is known for cold winters, and those of us here know just how cold it can get. Because of this, the furnace and heating units that homeowners have in their home tend to work harder than those in some other states, so their lifespan is significantly different. At Lascko Services we work with local homeowners to make sure their home’s HVAC systems are working optimally no matter what season they’re preparing for.

If you’re looking for furnace repairs in Ravenna, MI, reach out to our team at Lascko Services!

Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

Because our winters can be so unforgiving, we often find ourselves servicing or replacing a current furnace in the months leading up to the winter. We do sometimes have the occasional client who waited too long, and as a result, found themselves with an inhospitably cold home waiting for a tech to go and repair their furnace. We don’t want anyone to find themselves in this situation. If you can identify any of these issues, it may be time to get one of our techs to your home.

  • Foul Odor in Your Home: A furnace or heating system gathers dust just like any other systems that circulates air. The difference is that because it’s heated air, it can sometimes actually burn the dust within the vents. This can lead to a foul odor permeating your home. It could also be a mechanical problem occurring before a major breakdown. One of our pro techs can get in your system and quickly identify and resolve the issue.
  • High Energy Costs: You’re likely aware of the average amount that you spend on utilities every month. If this amount suddenly goes up without any change in your energy habits, it could be due to an aging furnace that needs to work harder to reach the set temperature. While repairs may fix the issue, it is usually best to replace it outright due to the long-term savings benefits.
  • Poor Temperature Control: If your furnace is struggling to heat to the temperature you set, it could mean that it is at the end of its life. Like any other aging system, it becomes more and more difficult to get the job done, so this is another situation where you would want to replace the furnace; not replacing it could lead to both issues mentioned above.
  • Loud Operation: Any strange or abnormal sounds – such as grinding, banging, and scratching – are signs that your system isn’t working as well as it should, or that there is a loose mechanical component somewhere. This can lead to different complications, from the component being something important that is no longer in place, to said component being lodged somewhere and hurting the system even further. Regardless, any abnormal sounds need to be inspected in order to find the reason and fix the issue.

Any of these signs are likely to precede a larger problem that could be even more costly. It is often best to simply take advantage of a new, advanced system in order to save money in the long run.

Older systems can be fixed and repaired, but it becomes more difficult and more costly to fix them with each breakdown. If you notice any of these signs in your home, don't wait for an emergency to take place, or for a large repair operation to be necessary; give us a call to have preventive maintenance or a system check-up.

Should You Install a New Air Conditioner?

If your old AC unit is struggling to maintain a cool home, or it’s constantly running and hiking your utility costs, it could be time to get a new, more efficient system. If your old system seems to be experiencing any of these issues, it’s probably best to replace it with a new system so you can reap all of these great benefits:

  • Get better control over indoor air temperatures
  • Bring your energy costs down
  • Increase your home’s market value
  • Improve balanced cold air flow within your home
  • Better air quality within your home – no more breathing in dust!

Our professional techs can accurately install a new air conditioner in your home in the quickest, most efficient manner. We want you to be able to enjoy those warm summer months in tranquility, and our ac installation and ac repair services help you do just that.

Additionally, we will always help you choose the right system for the job, ensuring that you get the most optimal unit that matches your budget. Better cooling, lower bills, a comfortable home – this is all yours when you work with the experienced team at Lascko Services. When you need us, we’ll be there!

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