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Your HVAC System Doesn't Enjoy the Autumn Breeze as Much as You Do

How Fall Weather Affects Your HVAC System

The cool breezes brought along by autumn in Muskegon are a welcome relief from the oppressive summer heat. While air conditioners run all summer long, they transition out of service during the colder season to wait until next spring when they are put back into service. Just because it isn’t working hard to keep a home cool doesn't mean it can’t sustain damage in its offseason.  

The cold season can be especially hard on an HVAC unit. Luckily there are steps homeowners can take to protect their valuable equipment in the offseason. 

Fallen Leaves Suffocate HVAC Systems


Air conditioners and heat pumps alike run on the simple principle that they transfer heat from inside and outside the home. To accomplish this, they need perfect ventilation around the outdoor unit of the HVAC system. In the autumn, as the leaves begin to fall, it is common for leaves to pile up against the sides and bottom of the condenser unit. This leads to incorrect heating or cooling of the refrigerant and inhibits the unit’s function as a heater or air conditioner.

If a homeowner notices a drop in their system’s performance during this time of year, the first place they should is around the condenser. It is helpful to consider raking and bagging leaves to make sure they never collect around a condenser. 

The Autumn Breeze Kicks up Dirt That Makes Its Way Into Your Unit

Just like many people undertake spring cleaning projects, fall is a great time to schedule routine household chores, so they don’t get forgotten. One of the most important is changing the HVAC filter. The most common task of HVAC maintenance is keeping a clean filter in the unit

As the fall breezes roll in, they carry with them fresh dust and allergens that can get stirred into the home’s air. The only way to remove them from the air once they are inside is by the air conditioner’s filter. When the filter is overwhelmed, it can allow dust and allergens to circulate throughout the home and even accumulate inside an air conditioner in its most critical parts. 

Over time, these pollutants can damage the air conditioner and contribute to respiratory problems with the home’s occupants. Changing the filters with the season is an excellent way to remember to keep them clean. 

Heater Maintenance Protects Your HVAC System

As the temperatures turn cooler, homeowners will begin turning on the heater. The best time to schedule a professional HVAC maintenance visit is just before the furnace is turned on. An HVAC maintenance appointment will give the homeowner peace of mind that their furnace is operating safely and is ready to work all winter long. 


Many HVAC contractors offer membership programs where HVAC maintenance is performed on an annual or semi-annual basis. Signing up for such a service can increase an HVAC system’s reliability and prolong its useful life. Often, members find that they save money by reducing bills and repair costs. 

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