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What to Do About Water Hammer That Is Haunting the House

That Scary Banging Sound Isn’t a Ghost-- It’s Water Hammer

October is a scary month, and if a home has plumbing problems, that is the scariest thing of all. A home’s plumbing is a complex system that can develop problems in a variety of terrifying ways. However, the water hammer is likely the scariest one for a few reasons. 

In this quick article, professional plumbers share insight into dealing with water hammer. They define what is in and offer solutions so that homeowners don’t have to be haunted by it this fall. 

What Is Causing That Noise?hammer

Water hammer is appropriately named because of the noise that it makes. Water hammer sounds exactly like what anyone thinks, namely, someone hammering on the pipes. The loud banging can quickly drive a homeowner out of bed at night to look for the source of the disturbance. 

Water hammer is caused by a rapid flow change in a water pipe, usually by the quick closing of a valve as in a faucet or an automatic valve in an appliance. When water is flowing through a pipe, it builds up momentum. When flow is stopped, the momentum has to go somewhere, and it usually ends up diffusing its energy in a loud bang. Additionally, water hammer can be caused by heating systems that use steam. In steam plumbing that isn’t properly installed, steam can build up behind condensation in a line and cause a loud bang as trapped steam collapses. 

Why Should Water Hammer Be Stopped?

Water hammer is extremely damaging to pipes. Liquid water that has a lot of momentum built upholds a lot of energy. When flow is rapidly stopped, the energy has to go somewhere, and that means it usually ends up slamming into pipe walls and rattling pipes loose from their mounts. 

Homes with numerous water hammer events can be subjected to burst pipes and constant leak repairs. The causes of these are always related to the damage that is caused by water hammer. The main concern with water hammer complications is the damage that a flood from a leaking water pipe can cause. A fast leak or a burst pipe can quickly flood an entire home and require repairs far more invasive than simply fixing the cause of the water hammer. 

Fixing Water Hammerplumber

A professional plumber can get rid of a water hammer and the damage that it causes. First, a pipe repair specialist will look for the cause of the water hammer. Water hammer happens to some degree every time someone washes their hands, or a washing machine asks for water. In a normal home, special devices limit water hammer by cushioning the flowing water in a pipe when a valve is closed. When these devices go bad, the water hammer becomes obvious. A plumber will likely replace these devices first. 

Next, the plumber will inspect the piping for damage. Damage can be anything from a small leak to pipes that have come loose from their mounts. By replacing damaged piping and re-anchoring loose pipes, the water hammer can be effectively dealt with. 

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