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What Homeowners Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Indoor Air Quality

This year, homeowners can also include “clean air” on their spring cleaning checklist. Microscopic airborne particles of dust, pet hair, dander, dirt, and pollen are constantly floating in the air all around us, not to mention germs, viruses, and bacteria. 

Inhaling airborne contaminants can negatively affect respiratory function, aggravate allergy season symptoms, and make the home dirtier overall as the dust settles. In this blog post, our HVAC experts go over three easy ways for homeowners to improve their indoor air quality this spring. 

house plants

Add More Houseplants to Improve Indoor Air Quality 

Adding more plants to the home is a fun way to improve indoor air quality and give the interior design a bit of a spring makeover. Houseplants work as natural air filtration systems because they absorb gasses from the air around them. The plant makes “food” for itself during photosynthesis as it turns carbon dioxide into oxygen. 

With ample plants in the home, the indoor air will always be full of fresh oxygen, and some of the contaminants will be removed during the natural absorption and filtration process. Studies have found that having just one plant in the home does not make a noticeable difference, but having many houseplants improves air quality indoors. 

air scrubbers



Use Air Purifiers and Other Air Filtration Systems

Houseplants can only do so much to achieve clean air indoors. There are other, more efficient ways to clean the air indoors, such as investing in an air purifier or scrubber. Various air purifiers, including air scrubbers, use UV light to destroy viruses and bacteria. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to airborne contaminants. 

Many air purifiers and filters advertise their effectiveness based on the size of the particle that can pass through them. Most filters remove large particles such as hair, dirt, and dust bunnies but leave traces of contaminants in the air. The smaller the particle, the worse it probably is to breathe in when it comes to airborne contaminants. The best air filters on the market are designed to filter out the tiniest particles. 

Bi-Annual AC Maintenance 

Keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule can help to improve air quality by ensuring that the inside of the air conditioner is clean. In the spring, the air conditioner is often turned on for the first time since the cold winter months. During this time, dust may have settled inside the unit. 

Giving the air conditioner a good spring cleaning before its consistent use for warm weather can help to ensure that the AC does not recirculate dust in the air. AC maintenance from a professional technician is recommended bi-annually to give the system a tune-up, clean the inner workings, and check for broken parts. 

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