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Tips to Get Your Home Winterized

Why Is It Important to Prepare Plumbing Pipes for Winter?

Homeowners already have a lot on their plate, and they don’t need more during this winter. While it is easy to forget about plumbing and winterizing pipes, burst pipes can cause water damage and worse conditions. 

In locations and cities where it snows frequently, plumbers should prepare for any potentially hazardous or cold weather. Small problems can worsen and leave homeowners in cold conditions with flooded homes.

Pipes Need Insulation

pipe Plumbing pipes are susceptible to freezing. There are only a few ways to decrease the chances that they will. In northern states that acquire a lot of snow and below-freezing temperatures, frost can seek through any cracks. As the cold season begins, homeowners should call a pipe repair company for maintenance or repairs if necessary. Any cracks left unrepaired can freeze and burst.

Homeowners should add insulation to their pipes. There are two types. The main pipe insulation is a foam that wraps around the pipes, keeping away the snow and cold weather. The heat is trapped between the foam and the plumbing pipes. The other pipe insulation type is a tape similar to duct tape. It works great for small spaces where the foam cannot fit. However, it is not thick, and cold temperatures can still pierce through the insulation type.

Outdoor Faucets Should be Fully Closedfaucet

Besides adding pipe insulation, homeowners can prepare their homes for winter freezing temperatures by maintaining all their faucets off, especially outdoors. The flowing water can freeze entirely if any faucets are left open and exposed outside. There is nothing wrong with frozen water; the problem is when the temperature changes again outside.

During winter, especially in places that change temperatures daily, pipes that freeze, melt, and refreeze are more prone to bursting. What happens when pipes burst? Water rushes in a home and does not stop unless the water is shut off. This causes a lot of water damage to walls, furniture, and flooring.

Heaters Need to be Prepared and Maintained

Before scheduling a burst pipe repair, homeowners should prepare and maintain their homes for freezing temperatures; this includes heaters. Although it may not seem like heaters have anything to do with plumbing, they do! Heaters bring warmth to a home, which can prevent pipes from freezing. 

What happens if homeowners don’t have a working heater? If the indoor temperature does not increase because the heater is not working, the pipes underneath will freeze without the heat emitting from the heater.

Heaters need to be prepared and maintained throughout the year. As the temperatures drop, homeowners need to call a plumbing technician for maintenance. If homeowners wait too long and only use the heater when it gets too cold, it could be too late. When heaters stop working, it is also more expensive to repair or replace them than to maintain them.

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