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Tips for Fixing Your Central Heating, Ventilation & AC System

Should Homeowners Fix Their Own HVAC System?

Ever heard of a homeowner waking up excited to tackle that nagging heating or air conditioning repair problem? Probably never, right? There is no convenient time for your HVAC system to fail. They typically only fail when you need them the most, in the heat of the summer or the biting cold of winter.

Fortunately, HVAC technicians are offering advice about how to fix some common problems as well as how to do routine maintenance. Following these steps can help you save money on emergency service calls as well as increase the longevity of your home’s system.

Address Ice Buildup on Condensation Lines

ice meltingA common problem is when the condensate drain line freezes over. HVAC equipment helps reduce moisture buildup in your home’s living space. As it pulls water out of your air supply it drains through a pipe to the outside.

During the winter, this water can freeze in the pipe outside your home, causing water to back up in the line and into the blower unit in your home. The unit is equipped with an automatic shut-off that prevents your system from running in this condition.

If this happens during the summer it could mean your system is low on refrigerant. When this happens, ice can build up on the coils. As the system cycles, the ice can break off the coils and block the condensate drain line.

This will cause the water to back up into the unit and trigger the automatic cut-off. You can restore the system by clearing the blockage bu using the right temperature to melt ice, and then calling a service technician to add refrigerant to prevent this in the future. While the technician is there they will look for leaks and propose repairs if the leaks are serious.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

Another helpful tip from the pros is to check on the condition of the outdoor unit. Sitting out in the elements, your outdoor unit is subjected to harsh conditions. Leaves and debris can end up inside the unit that reduces airflow across its coils.

The coils themselves can also become clogged with dust and debris leading to a loss in efficiency for the whole unit. Also, it is easy for these units to become obstructed by landscaping and items placed on top of or alongside them.

cleaning hvac

Maintaining an unobstructed perimeter around the outdoor unit provides the airflow that the unit was designed to have. Also, cleaning the condenser and removing debris from inside the unit yourself or calling a professional can keep the coils operating at peak efficiency.

Always Keep up With Maintenance

schedulingOne of the best investments you can make in your HVAC system to schedule routine maintenance. Routine maintenance can catch some of these problems before they get worse or prevent them altogether.

For example, a good HVAC technician performing semi-annual maintenance can replace filters, clean or inspect coils and check refrigerant levels.

This will help keep your system clean and efficient, allowing you to stay healthy and comfortable while keeping utility bills low. Many HVAC service companies offer routine technical maintenance programs to take the hassle out of planning and scheduling your system’s maintenance.

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