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Three Signs That Point to Needing AC Replacement

When Should a Homeowner Replace Their Air Conditioner? 

On average, air conditioners last around 10 to 20 years, depending on the type of system, how often it’s maintained, and its use. If a home’s air conditioning is getting up there in age, it could be time for a new system. While repairs are sometimes the answer to AC problems, certain signs indicate an upgrade is needed. 

Identifying these warning signs of an air conditioning unit that may need replacing can help people avoid being stuck without heat and instead start saving on energy bills by installing a new energy-efficient system. Here are three other indicators that someone may need to replace their AC. Once signs are noticed, an HVAC contractor can inspect the system to determine whether replacement is necessary or if the issue only requires a repair or better maintenance. 

Strange Noises and Smells Come From the Unit 

smellStrange noises and bad smells coming from an air conditioner can indicate a problem that needs immediate attention and may even require an AC replacement. Homeowners should be on the lookout for loud or abnormal clanging, banging, clicking, or squealing sounds, as these often point to issues with the fan motor, loose panels, worn bearings, or a faulty compressor. 

A weird smell could also signal something is wrong such as a refrigerant leak from the coils or could point to an electrical issue if there is a burning smell and must be addressed right away. Finally, if a musty odor arises during operation, it could mean mold growth in the unit’s drain pan or ductwork which should also be inspected immediately. If an AC unit is already over 10 years old, fixing these problems and the lost efficiency of an older system may cost more money than getting a new system. Nobody wants to constantly pour money into repairs only to deal with less-than-average performance.

The Home’s Energy Bills Increase 

billsIt’s normal for a home’s energy bills to rise and fall by a few dollars each month––especially during periods of extreme warmth and cold. However, if the home’s cooling costs increase significantly for no apparent reason, it could be time for an air conditioner replacement. 

An air conditioner can become inefficient and raise energy bills for several reasons, such as: 

  • It’s old
  • Something is broken or not working right
  • Maintenance was neglected

When confronted with high cooling costs with no explanation, a professional should be called to inspect the system and determine the cause of lost efficiency. Once that is determined, they can suggest the best solutions for the problem. 

Weak Airflow and Inconsistent Temperatures 

If a home experiences poor airflow or doesn’t reach the proper temperatures, this is another indication replacement may be needed. Issues with cooling the home could be caused by many things, including:

  • The evaporator and condenser coils aren’t working correctly because they are dirty
  • A component of the AC broken, such as the thermostat  
  • There’s a blockage or damage in the ductwork preventing proper airflow 
  • The air filter is dirty and needs to be replaced 

A technician can determine whether the issue affecting the AC requires replacement or not. However, there is no need to fear getting a new AC system. Many of these systems are now more affordable than ever with the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022!

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