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The Plumbing Game: The Newest Dating Show!

Plumbing game

Meet the Eligible Bachelors in the Plumbing Game

While plumbing may not seem like the most romantic thing, it's a way of life for these local plumbers. The plumbing trade allows plumbers to afford a home, raise children and enjoy the comforts offered by modern society. What could be more romantic than that?!

This year, take some time to learn about local plumbers' work. Here is a quick game show-style guide to common plumbing equipment and tools. 

Bachelor #1: Drain Clearing Devicesdrain snakes

The eligible bachelor behind door number 1 is a set of tools that keep drains flowing freely. The drains of a home allow for sanitary conditions to be maintained, but they can suffer from clogs from time to time. Most drain piping is inaccessible, installed below slabs and inside walls. The only way to get to clogs that form in the piping is by feeding a drain snake or auger down the drain pipe. 

Drain snakes are motorized devices that one can feed into drain piping. Once inside, the stout cable pushed into piping is spun by a motor. This allows the head of the drain snake to pulverize blockages that have formed in pipes. Once the clog is gone, wastewater can flow freely once again. 

Drain snakes come in various sizes, depending on the size of the piping. The job is best left to professionals for those who don't have experience with drain augers. 

wrenchesBachelor #2: Hand Tools

Eligible bachelor number 2 is the set of tools that plumbers use daily to complete their jobs. One of the conundrums of the plumbing industry is holding onto and turning round pipes without damaging them. While many fittings have flat edges that allow the plumber to use a conventional wrench, not all pipes have this feature. Plumbers use specially designed pipe wrenches and slip-joint pliers to overcome this obstacle. 

These special hand tools are designed to grip round pipes made of various materials. With one set of tools, a plumber can easily switch between different piping types found in residential and commercial applications. 

Bachelor #3: Safety Equipment

Bachelor number 3 is a stickler for safety. Plumbing can be a dangerous job, so plumbers take every precaution to keep themselves and their job sites safe. No plumber's toolbox is complete without safety equipment like:

  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Sturdy boots
  • Coveralls

These items protect plumbers from common hazards that are associated with plumbing. Using this equipment, plumbers ensure they return home at the end of the day the same as when they left. 

Plumbing is also all about keeping their job site safe for years to come after they leave. Some of the safety equipment that plumbers use to ensure the longevity of their work are things like:

  • Water leak detectors
  • Gas leak detections
  • Pressure gauges

These devices ensure that their work and existing work hold up and won't cause damage.  

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