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Sump Pumps: The Best Way to Defend Against Flooding

What Is a Sump Pump and What Is It Used For?

Most homeowners have probably heard of sump pumps, but not everyone knows exactly what they do or whether their home needs one. So, first things first. What is a sump pump? A sump pump is a motorized water pump designed to prevent flooding and remove excess water around a home’s foundation. They are typically installed in the lowest part of a home, such as a basement, cellar, or crawlspace.

So, does every home need a sump pump? Not necessarily. Sump pumps are essential in homes whose foundations sit lower than the water table or that have become flooded in the past due to heavy storms or snowmelt (to which Muskegon is no stranger). Sump pumps are also a worthwhile investment for homeowners who simply want to protect their homes from flooding and water damage. For homeowners who think they may need a sump pump, this article will explain how they work, the different types to choose from, and the benefits of having one!

How Sump Pumps Work

pumpA sump pump sits inside or on top of a small well called a sump pump basin or sump pit, usually about 2 feet deep and 1 ½ feet wide. This basin is typically located at the home’s lowest point and is connected to the home’s perimeter drain or foundation drainage system. 

As the water level in the sump pit rises to a certain point, it triggers the sump pump float switch, which engages the motor to begin pumping the water out. This pulls the water into the intake, called an impeller, and up through a discharge pipe, called an effluent. The effluent leads to a designated point where the water can be discharged without winding up back into the sump pit, such as the municipal storm drain.

Different Kinds of Sump Pumps

There are several options to consider when it comes time to install a sump pump. There are two main types of primary sump pumps – submersible and pedestal. There are also subcategories of sump pumps – primary, backup, and combination. As the name suggests, a primary sump pump is the home’s main pump, the first line of defense. These draw power from a wall outlet (which should always be GFCI-protected due to the proximity to the water). Battery backup sump pumps draw power from a battery, so they can keep pumping if the primary pump fails or there’s a power outage. Combination sump pumps feature a primary and backup sump pump in one unit for a more convenient solution.

Submersible sump pumps contain a waterproof pump and impeller in one discreet unit, which sits inside the sump pit. Since they’re hidden inside the basin, these are quieter and less of an eyesore but are harder to access for maintenance and tend to be more expensive. They also are typically more effective than their counterpart. Pedestal sump pumps sit atop the sump pit, with only the impeller submerged in the basin. These are louder, more visible, and usually less powerful, but they’re generally easier to maintain and less expensive than their submersible counterparts.

Sump Pump Benefits

saveThe most obvious benefits of having a sump pump are that the home will be protected against flooding, water damage, and all the expenses that come with it. But a sump pump can also help prevent foundation damage and shifting caused by excess water in the soil. It can also defend against mold and mildew growth since it can reduce the overall moisture level in the area where the pump is installed.

All of this protection also means that insurance companies and home appraisers will look at the home more favorably. A sump pump can help reduce insurance premiums and increase the home's property value. Still, homeowners should always consult with their local plumber about sump pump installation, as they can make more specific recommendations to ensure that homeowners get the right sump pump for their homes!

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