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Start Early Preparations for Fall HVAC Maintenance!

Get a Jump Start on Heater Maintenance

Summer is soon coming to an end, meaning fall and winter are not too far away. As such, this is an important time of the year to get an early start on preparing for cooler temperatures. One of the best ways to do this is to get a jump start on heater maintenance.

Sure, this may seem a bit premature, but the reality is that time can slip away, and many homeowners may forget to do this when it matters most. And surely no homeowners or their families want to have to endure days or even weeks without heat when the cold temperatures begin!

To adequately prepare, homeowners should understand why exactly heater maintenance is important in the first place and what to expect with a standard maintenance check. Continue reading to get all of this information and more! 

Heater Maintenance Is a Must

The first question to answer in the first place is why heater maintenance is even important. After all, some homeowners may have never heard of this. Well, as is the case with other types of maintenance, heater maintenance is like a “check-up” to ensure that home heating systems continue to function as they should.

There are a whole host of benefits to getting regular heating maintenance checks, including:

  • Efficiency improvements - fixing small issues along the way helps the systems to function more efficiently with heat delivery
  • Greater lifespan - heating systems are more likely to last longer and be more durable with regular maintenance checks
  • Monetary savings - the upfront cost of scheduling maintenance can prevent very costly repairs down the road

There are other benefits, but these are perhaps the most significant and compelling cases for why homeowners should invest in heater maintenance.

It Is Never Too Early To Start Preparingclock

Now the question becomes: why should homeowners prepare now rather than when the fall comes? Well, the first answer to this question is that preparing early helps to ensure homeowners get on HVAC companies’ schedules ahead of time, rather than during the early fall period when most of them are probably swamped with maintenance requests.

The second answer, which is also related, is that early preparations ensure homeowners and their families have heat when they need it. Sometimes the cooler temperatures come earlier than expected, and it could be a huge hassle if homeowners have issues with their heaters that need to be fixed. The repairs could take days or even weeks depending on the problems, which could leave families without heat when they are starting to need it!

Typical Standard Heater Maintenanceheater

A standard heater maintenance check can vary in substance but generally includes a furnace filter check, damages inspection, and ventilation testing. One must periodically replace the furnace filter, so heating professionals can take a look and determine if replacements are in order. Additionally, they can inspect the heater and the surrounding area for any damages that need addressing.

Lastly, heating professionals will check the ventilation, which is extremely important in preventing overheating. This could be hugely problematic if it occurs and possibly put homeowners and their families at a safety risk.

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