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Should You Consider a Commercial Toilet for Your Home?

How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom Upgrade

It seems to be a more common idea for homeowners to consider installing a commercial toilet in their home bathrooms. Commercial toilets can handle a lot of use and therefore should last longer and require less clogged toilet services

But the truth is, installing a commercial toilet in your residence is not a good idea for a variety of reasons. So, if you’ve been thinking about adding a commercial toilet to your home, consider the following information before you take the plunge.

Residential Vs. Commercial Toilets

If you’ve ever wondered what the actual differences between residential and commercial toilets, then the following list should help you:

  • residential vs commercial toiletsCommercial toilets are tankless: The next time you go to a mall, or stadium and head to the bathroom, you’ll probably notice that the toilets are tankless, whereas a residential toilet has its own water supply stored behind the bowl in a tank. That’s because it’s more cost-effective when housing a single toilet to keep its water supply close by.
  • Commercial toilets need a water supply line: Because commercial toilets aren’t storing the water needed to refill the bowl in their own tanks, they need access to a reliable water supply line to refill the toilet instead. Many homes aren’t equipped with the right water supply line.
  • Commercial toilets need more power: Specifically, they need more powerful water pressure than residential toilets in order to function correctly.
  • Commercial toilets need larger plumbing: Because commercial toilets are built for more use and more flushing, their lines are often bigger, which means the plumbing in your home and your pipes, would need to be bigger to accommodate them.

As you can see, there are quite a few differences between residential and commercial toilets.

The Underground Plumbing Matters

The difference between residential plumbing and commercial plumbing isn’t just the toilets. The entire plumbing systems are often built differently because they have to manage things differently as well.

underground plumbing
  • Size: The biggest difference is, of course, size. A mall needs to provide toilets and sinks for not only all the guests but also all of the employees, too, which is a much larger scale than a single residence. Because of this, there’s a lot more pipes and outlets, and a bigger plumbing system under the ground than what you would find in your home.
  • Multiple Floors: Most homes don’t have more than 2 or 3 floors. But an office building could have many, many more floors than that, with toilets and sinks on all of them. Gravity plays a huge part in regards to plumbing and water pressure is heavily impacted by gravity, so commercial plumbing in skyscrapers is much different than a single-floor home.
  • Codes: Because commercial plumbing is so much more complicated than residential, there are many more codes that need to be followed to make sure the plumbing system is working the way it needs to per your community’s guidelines. This is why commercial plumbers need to know so much more than residential-only plumbers.

Tankless Toilets Are an Option

tankless toiletsThere are residential tankless toilets on the market. These are meant to specifically appeal to homeowners who would prefer a commercial toilet. Tankless toilets are often smaller than residential toilets, which can save space in your bathroom, and they use less water, too!

But because they lack the tank that normal toilets use to refill the bowl, they either need to rely on a pump, or on the pressure of a home’s water supply to refill. Since most homes don’t have enough pressure to refill a tankless toilet, most people need to rely on an electric pump instead.

Tankless toilets cost more to buy, and more to install, often because aspects of your plumbing may need to be upgraded. Like commercial toilets, they need larger pipes. And because they rely on an electric pump for refilling, if you face a power outage you won’t be able to use your tankless toilet. So it’s important to think long and hard on these pros and cons before purchasing a tankless toilet.

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