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Residential and Commercial Heating and Cooling Differences

The Major Differences Between Residential and Commercial HVAC Systems

Many people think that the only difference between a residential and a commercial HVAC system is in the capacity of the system to heat the area inside the building. At first glance, this makes sense. After all, an AC is an AC, and a heater is a heater. In essence, one could put enough residential HVAC systems on a commercial building, and it would do the job fine. But this isn’t quite the truth. 

A large commercial building may have dozens of floors and rooms, each with its own thermostats and requirements. On the other hand, residential homes only have one or two thermostats that take care of the whole building. This is why there are some key differences between commercial and residential heating and air conditioning systems. 

The Placement and Size of the Unit


A major difference between the two types of units is where they are placed. Commercial buildings like to keep their HVAC units out of sight and out of mind. They place them on the roof to keep them away from high-traffic areas. One major benefit of this is keeping the noise of the units away from where business is conducted. 

The size of the unit is another major difference between commercial and residential units. And this will vary depending on the size and needs of the commercial venture. A large office building will have very different needs than a retail store with one large, wide-open room. 

On the flip side, residential HVAC systems are made up of two different units. The outdoor unit is usually installed at the rear or side of the house - or sometimes on the roof. The other unit is usually in the basement or attic, or some other out-of-the-way place. 

The Complexity of the System

The complexities of the two systems are different, as well. Commercial HVAC systems are more complex because they need to be changed, modified, or added-to depending on the needs of the building. Some of the floors may not be in use when the first systems get installed. And some businesses may have different heating and cooling needs than others. For this reason, commercial HVAC units are designed with modularity in mind. 

Residential systems are more self-contained and standalone than those of commercial buildings. Homes don’t usually need another HVAC unit to work in conjunction with the original system. As such, they are much less complex than their commercial counterparts.  

Mechanism and Maintenance Differences

The mechanism of any given HVAC unit is dependent mostly upon the building in which it will be installed. If a unit is too big or too small for a house, it will shut off too soon, struggle to heat and cool, or fail to remove adequate moisture from the air. This is why mechanisms are so different between the two. In fact, they can vary even from commercial systems, as well. 


The maintenance requirements are also different. In residential homes, the tech needs to inspect both separate units. A commercial unit is all in one unit, where a highly-trained tech can work. Since the systems' mechanisms and complexities are different, they each require their own unique types of maintenance. 

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