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Prepare the Plumbing for Holiday Guests

Repair Plumbing Before Guests Arrive

This holiday season, give the home plumbing system a tune-up before guests arrive to prevent a plumbing disaster. A clogged toilet, burst sewer line, or another plumbing emergency could ruin the holidays for everyone. To ensure the plumbing system is prepared for guests, homeowners should schedule maintenance and inspections.

A professional should fix any minor problems, such as a leaky faucet or low water pressure before guests arrive to prevent them from worsening into plumbing emergencies. Besides scheduling maintenance, homeowners can look out for signs of plumbing issues to get them repaired before the holidays. This blog post shares three tips from professional plumbers to help get the plumbing ready for holiday visitors. 

Fix Faulty Toiletstoilet

The first thing homeowners should put on their holiday to-do list is fixing the toilet if it’s malfunctioning. Nobody wants to deal with a broken or clogged toilet while staying at someone’s house for the holidays. Homeowners can help their guests feel comfortable by providing a safe and sanitary bathroom experience. 

Homeowners should pay attention to signs of a faulty toilet, such as chronically clogging, leaking at the base, or faulty flushing. Toilets use a valve system to control the flow of water. Replacing worn-out valves will help to keep the toilet flushing properly. 

Strange gurgling sounds from the toilet are another warning sign indicating homeowners need to call a plumber. Or if it sounds like the toilet is constantly running, there is probably an issue with the toilet that needs immediate attention. Homeowners should call a professional plumber for toilet repair if they notice any warning signs that the toilet is not functioning correctly. 

Kitchen Plumbing Repairs 

Common kitchen plumbing issues include a clogged sink drain or a leaky faucet. Homeowners should fix any problems before guests arrive for the holidays. A slow-draining sink can be a health hazard if the contaminated water sits too long and indicates a clog. A clogged kitchen sink often has food particles in the drain, which will stink and rot, so foul odors are another sign of clogs. 

Homeowners can try using baking soda and vinegar to soften the clog. Hot water can also help. Liquid drain cleaners should never be used because of the harsh chemicals they contain. When DIY methods fail, homeowners need to call a professional plumber to perform drain cleaning. 

Professionals should fix any small leaks as well. Leaking kitchen faucets can send money right down the drain by increasing water bills. There are also the added risks of mold and mildew from a leak, water damage, and accidental slips and falls if the ground gets wet. 


New Plumbing Fixtures 

Homeowners who have been considering or putting off installing new plumbing fixtures may decide to do so before their holiday guests arrive. Even minor upgrades like new faucets and fixtures can impress guests while improving the function of the plumbing. 

Homeowners may choose to upgrade plumbing fixtures for better efficiency, water conservation, money savings, water pressure, or for purely aesthetic reasons. Many new plumbing fixtures, like touchless faucets, are available that are aesthetically pleasing and can save water and money. Elevating the aesthetic and function of the home is a great gift that homeowners can give themselves this holiday season. 

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