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Possibly Seeing Signs of a Plumbing Leak Inside of Your House?

Your House May Have Unseen Plumbing Leaks

Here’s a scary fact - 10% of homes in this country have leaks in their plumbing that cause almost 90 gallons of water waste every day. That figure is for each house. Now imagine adding that up. That’s so much waste due to something preventable and fixable!

Wasting water is a big deal. While there is plenty of water on planet earth, most of it is saltwater. Freshwater is scarcer than you’d think, yet it is the one fundamental resource that is needed for all life to prosper. Why waste it?

If you’re a person that tries to be at least a little environmentally conscious, you might be worried that you are one of those wasteful households contributing to this figure. Don’t worry, however. There are a few straightforward ways to detect this troublesome problem. Read on to find out how you can tell.

Leaky Pipes Add Up to a High Water Bill

high water billOne way to know almost immediately that you have faulty plumbing somewhere in the house is to take a closer look at your water utility bill, as it is a direct result of your water use. If you get your bill in the mail and it seems exorbitantly high, you can assure yourself that something is wrong.

It’s time to investigate. There are some common causes for that unexpected expense that you can look for yourself rather quickly. First, you should check all the toilets in the house, chances are good that you might have one running continuously, and it’s causing water loss.

The next thing you can do is to look at all the faucets and fixtures in your home. Leaks from the tap are most easily spotted, but you could have a rubber washer broken in it. You could probably correct this by turning the water off to that faulty fixture, then take it apart to look further.

Replace the nut if it seems like it’s broken. It could also be that the kids have developed bad habits and are using more water than necessary. It’s best to have a little talk with everyone in the house to make sure you are all on the same page about wasteful water usage. Fixing bad habits will save your pockets in the long run.

These suggestions are ones that you could take on yourself. Although this is good advice, it could very possibly be that your problem is something a professional needs to investigate. If you have no idea why your water bill is sky-high, call someone who can figure it out. If you let it go on, you could suffer some significant consequences.

Accumulating Moisture Causes Mold Spots

Say your leak is somewhere other than the most common places (toilets and faucets), you could also have a growing problem right under your nose. Mold spots develop in damp, dark areas. Faulty pipes and water waste could potentially bring this secondary complication front and center.

One of the hazards of different types of mold in your home is the direct harm to your health. It could cause annoying congestion in your nose and throat. It has the potential to cause inflammation in the eyes. It could even cause skin problems.


More worrisome, is if there is anyone in your house who has immune issues already. Mold growth can enhance their health issues exponentially. People with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory problems are the most likely to be severely affected by it.

Not only is the health of you and your loved ones a concern, mold spots can do some significant damage to your house and personal possessions! Mold can ruin your carpets, rugs, and furniture. It destroys drywall and damages your ceilings and could even attach to your clothes! Replacing this stuff could be extremely expensive. If you see mold spots anywhere, it’s best to get it taken care of right away.

Telltale Musty Smell Indicates Standing Water

musty smellsYou usually like your home to be pleasant smelling, and comfy. You come home, and out of the blue, you notice a decrepit smell, one that you can’t place. No matter what you do to camouflage it, it’s always there, and it’s getting to be a real annoyance. A musty odor could be a sign of a critical problem lurking in your pipes.

A persistent musty odor could mark the beginnings of a plumbing problem. The smell is the spawn of dampness, humid conditions, and standing water. A musty smell in your house could also be a great indicator of a mold nightmare, as mentioned above.

If standing water has infiltrated your home, it is imperative that you get it taken care of immediately. The musty aroma it gives off is unpleasant an offensive to friends and neighbors who visit. You don’t want that. It additionally has the potential to be dangerous to your health, and the health of your loved ones.

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COVID-19 Amid global concern about COVID-19, we will continue to be here for our customers. As people and companies all across the country take additional preparations to protect against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we acknowledge that your Plumbing, Heating, and AC problems will likely not be taking a break. At this time, we will remain open full-time and will continue to service our customers with the same fast response times you’ve come to expect from us. Due to the increasing number of reported cases in the U.S., we are continuously monitoring the situation. We will also continue to actively assess the necessary actions we need to take in order to ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees, and their families. We hope that you will join us in taking some basic but important measures, such as frequent hand washing, to keep communal risk low.
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