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HVAC Maintenance Plans: Are They Worth the Money?

Why Sign Up for a Maintenance Membership?

All appliances need to be maintained. Every homeowner knows this, at least in theory. Life tends to push the maintenance needs of household items out of mind, especially if the appliance is doing its job with no anomalies. Filters don’t get changed. Small leaks may go unnoticed. The air from the vents isn’t as cool, but it’s still functioning. These little occurrences begin to add up until the unit no longer functions, which leads to a big job when the homeowner finally calls a professional. Maintenance plans prevent this sort of emergent situation.

A Brief Description of Maintenance Membership Plans

 The essential definition of a maintenance membership plan is a contract between the customer and the service company. There are no government laws or guidelines for maintenance memberships, so each plan is set up by the individual company offering it. They all include a few key elements:

  • Inspections 
  • Maintenance at regular intervals
  • Discounts on other services

The Professionals Remember So Homeowners Don’t Have Tocalendar

The beauty of signing up and paying for a maintenance plan is in part that the company will remember when a home’s HVAC system is due for maintenance, so the homeowner does not have to remember. Since the customer has already paid for the membership, there are no additional fees for making these regular service calls. 
As the tide of time rolls on, everything begins to fall apart. With a few key steps, one can extend the life of a home air conditioning unit. Here are a few of the jobs a technician may do:

  • Cleaning/Replacing the filter: Depending on the type of filter, it may need to be cleaned or replaced as often as every 3 months. This helps the airflow and efficiency of the unit.
  • Checking drain pan: A cracked or corroded drain pan can lead to leaks and water damage.
  • Clearing drains: If the drain has become clogged, it can also result in water damage to the unit and to the home. 
  • Straightening fins: Again, this helps make sure airflow through the unit is at peak efficiency.
  • Checking coolant: Coolant leaks can cause all sorts of issues, and catching them early can be key to avoiding further damage to the unit.

red letters Perks of a Maintenance Plan

If a homeowner opts into a maintenance plan, there are often benefits accompanying the basic maintenance of the HVAC unit. There may be a substantial discount for using the company for emergency services or coupons that members can only use. There may also be a perk of priority service to allow a member to receive service before a customer that does not have a contract. There may even be some services that a homeowner will not be charged for due to being a member. All of these benefits show how a maintenance plan can pay for itself in the end. 

About Lascko Services 

Since 1999, Lascko Services has been working for the safety, comfort, and security of the Muskegon, MI area. Their upfront pricing and hassle-free scheduling make it easy to know who to call for residential or commercial HVAC. Contact them to learn more about maintenance membership plans today! 

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