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How To Avoid Frozen Pipes this Winter

Make Sure Your Pipes Are Prepared for Freezing Temperatures Before It's Too Late

There's a reason it's called a winter wonderland; this time of year can be magical. The snow is falling, and the holidays are just around the corner. What more could anyone want? 

Unfortunately, with that winter magic comes a few problems, especially for homeowners. When temperatures drop, pipes can freeze, and that's the last thing anyone wants to deal with around the holidays. Here's how homeowners can protect their pipes from falling victim to the downsides of a winter wonderland.  

Frozen Pipes Are a Slippery Slope


Frozen pipes can signal more than just problems with running water. For example, pipes can crack or even burst when frozen, leading to leaks all over the house and the need to repipe. Some of these leaks may even be subtle and go unnoticed, paving the way for mold and mildew growth. While frozen pipes may sound like a one and done issue, there are plenty of dangers that can come along with it.

Ways To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways homeowners can work to prevent frozen pipes. These include:

  • Insulate the pipes: Insulating pipes most susceptible to freezing is a common solution. In most houses, the pipes most likely to freeze are typically located in areas such as the garage or attic that are unheated. We will break down the different types of insulation at the end of this article. 
  • Let the faucets drip: A prevention step homeowners can take is letting the faucets flow at a very light stream or drip. This way, the water keeps moving through the pipes, making it more difficult for the water inside the pipes to freeze. 
  • Keep the house warm: Maintaining a temperature above 55°F can also help keep pipes above a freezing temperature. While many homeowners may love to save a few bucks and turn the air off or down at night, keeping the house a bit warmer at all hours of the day may save them from the costly fix of repairing a frozen pipe that bursts. 

The Different Types of Insulation 

Pipe insulation is one of the go to's for many homeowners looking to prevent their pipes from freezing for a few reasons. It's more of a permanent fix than letting the faucet drip or trying to make sure those pipes in unheated areas stay warm through the winter. While a bit more costly of an option depending on the location of the pipes, it is one of the safer routes to take. 

Some insulation options include:

  • Foam Insulation: One of the most customary forms of insulation, foam insulation, typically has a slit through its side that allows for it to fit over the pipe and then get sealed with tape. There are also forms of self-sealing foam insulation that already has tape adhered, allowing the person applying it to seal the slit more easily. 
  • Spray Foam Insulation: This insulation should be left to the professionals because its application process is a bit more difficult. Using pressurized containers, the foam is sprayed onto the pipe then dries to form insulation. This insulation is ideal for pipes that may be too close to a wall where a traditional foam sleeve will not fit. 
  • Fiberglass Insulation: Fiberglass insulation is another type that should be left to the professionals. Its material can be dangerous to handle because tiny glass-like shards may break off and cause damage if not handled properly.
  • Cellulose Insulation: Made out of recycled materials, cellulose is one of the more environmentally friendly versions of pipe insulation. Not to mention it's also more affordable and fire-resistant. 

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