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Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Video Inspection Services

A Brief Guide to Sewer Camera Inspection

Most homeowners probably don’t pay much mind to their sewer lines – after all, they’re buried underground and aren’t exactly the most pleasant things to think about. But the sewer line (often called a lateral line) has a vital job: carrying wastewater from the home’s drains into the municipal sewer main.

So, if anything goes wrong with the sewer line, all of the home’s drains and toilets can be affected. And when that happens, it can be challenging to tell what the problem is – not to mention how far down it is. This is why plumbers offer sewer video inspection services. However, not all homeowners are familiar with this service or how it works. This article will answer a few of the most common questions about sewer video inspection.

What Is Sewer Camera Inspection – And How Does It Work?

cameraSewer camera inspection is a method plumbers use to investigate and diagnose sewer line problems by running a camera down into the sewer pipe. It involves a tiny camera on the tip of a flexible cable that resembles a drain snake. This sewer inspection camera is typically inserted into the sewer line cleanout – a small section of pipe protruding from the ground near the house that serves as an access point to the sewer line, so no digging is needed.

As the technician feeds the sewer camera into the pipe, they can watch what the camera sees in real-time on a viewing monitor. Many also emit a radio signal that can allow the technician to determine the exact location and depth of the camera, which assists in pinpointing the location of an obstruction or rupture.

When Is Sewer Video Inspection Necessary?

Homeowners should consider calling their plumber for sewer video inspection services whenever they suspect a problem with their sewer line. Most sewer lines are around 4-6 inches in diameter, so it’s not uncommon for them to become clogged with grease, food waste, or other solids. Tree roots can also break through the pipe walls in their quest for water, obstructing the pipe. Corrosion, shifting soil, and old age can also cause sewer lines to crack and leak.

Homeowners should be on the lookout for these common signs of sewer line issues that may require sewer camera inspection services:

  • The toilets in the home aren’t flushing correctly or are backed up
  • Sinks, tubs, and showers drain slowly
  • Drains are backed up (particularly on the ground floor)
  • Soggy spots in the yard
  • Patches of extra thick grass
  • Foul odors in the yard

Why Is Sewer Camera Inspection Beneficial?

clogThere are multiple benefits of sewer camera inspection. For one thing, it makes sewer line repair much easier and less invasive since it allows plumbers to locate and diagnose issues without first having to excavate the pipe. If digging is required to fix the problem, it can be kept to a minimum – excavating an entire sewer line is time-consuming and expensive, so it is best avoided if possible.

Secondly, sewer camera inspection services can help maintain the health of the plumbing system and prevent major issues from arising in the future. With a video sewer inspection, plumbers can catch things like grease buildup, corrosion, pipe deterioration, leaks, and invading tree roots. Catching these issues early on will help prevent more costly repairs and keep the home’s drainage system running smoothly for years to come!

About Lascko Services

Lascko Services is a family-owned and operated company serving Muskegon and the surrounding areas since 1999. They offer flat rate pricing, financing, and the latest technology. Call them today for a sewer line video inspection in Muskegon, MI.   

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