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Can't Escape Chills From a Scary Movie? Check the Heater!

Signs of a Broken Heater

One of the best October activities is scheduling a scary movie night with friends. Not only is it a great way to celebrate Halloween, but it’s also a fun excuse to have a themed party. When parties and movie nights are planned, everything has to be perfect. Food has to be ready, the movie choice has to appeal to guests, and the house has to be cozy to drive away the chills of the autumn night outside. 

One of the things that can go wrong when planning a party this time of year is a faulty heater. The start of fall is notoriously rough for heaters since they have been sitting idle for months. Watch for these signs of a broken heater and have a qualified technician fix it to prevent a breakdown at an inconvenient time. 

The Home is Not Heating Up

It may be fairly obvious, but if the home is not heating up or reaching the right temperature when the heater is on, this is a red flag that the heater is broken. First, homeowners should check the thermostat. This time of year, warm days require the AC, while cool nights make the heater necessary. Switching back and forth or making the switch for the first time in the year can lead to situations where people think the heater should be running, but the thermostat isn’t set correctly. Ensure this isn’t the case before inferring the heater is broken and calling for help. 

Another situation that can lead to heat loss without the heater being broken is a power surge that knocks out power to the heater. Power surges can trip breakers or motor overloads that make it seem like the heater is out when they just need to be reset. Once this is ruled out also, homeowners will know that the lack of heat in their homes is due to a broken heater and can reach out to a heating technician to fix it.  

Spooky and Unusual Sounds 

soundsScary movies can set people on edge and make their imaginations run wild. Pretty soon, every noise around the home becomes creepy. The source of unusual noises in a house may well be the heater and is a sign that it’s faulty. Heaters that are having problems can display them in several audibly creepy ways. Call a qualified professional to come and inspect the heating system for noises like:

  • Thumping
  • Grinding
  • Squealing
  • Popping 

Energy Bills That Rise Unexpectedly 

saveThe cooler season always brings back familiar haunts for homeowners. After a few months of reprieve from summer’s high utility bills, high gas or energy bills start coming in once the temperatures drop and the heater is on. Instead of stressing about bills, take a moment to record energy usage and bill totals. Tracking these numbers over the year can make it easier to spot issues with the furnace. 

Many heater problems manifest in the form of lost efficiency. The only accurate way to determine lost efficiency is to closely monitor utility bills and call a qualified professional to inspect the system as soon as an unexpected cost spike is noticed. 

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