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Can Your Home Benefit From an Eco-Shower Head?

How Do Eco Shower-Head Installations Help Your Home?

For homeowners, utility bills can sometimes become a dreaded envelope to get in the mail. One of the utility bills that can vary greatly is the water bill, which may seem to jump up overnight seemingly without explanation. However, eco-shower heads can make a huge difference, both in the water bill and for the environment.

How Are Eco-Shower Heads Environmentally Friendly?

eco friendlyWith access to fresh, clean water becoming more and more difficult for a large portion of the world, doing whatever can be done to be as environmentally friendly with water consumption is more important than ever.

Showering is one of the leading causes of water usage in the home, sometimes gallons of water every minute. Much of that is due to the showerhead. Luckily, there is something that can be done about it.

Eco-shower heads are becoming more and more popular in the home for this exact reason. They reduce the amount of water used while not affecting the shower experience of anyone in the home.

They do that by restricting the actual volume of water that flows out of them. As a side effect, eco-shower heads also reduce the costs of heating the water in the home. The less water that every home uses, whether that is taking shorter showers or installing an eco-shower head, the less strain local sewer and septic systems are under and the more drinking water resources are conserved.

Are Eco-Shower Heads Related to Other Bathroom Plumbing?

Bathrooms are one of the main places that plumbing services are usually needed. From clogged toilets to leaking bathtubs, so much can go wrong in such a small room of the home. Showerheads are absolutely part of plumbing services. While it may seem simple to switch from a traditional showerhead to an eco-shower head, it’s a smarter and safer idea to hire a plumber to do it instead.

bathroom plumbing

The reality is, a lot can go wrong when installing an eco-shower head. Without the right tools, or by not getting it installed appropriately, the showerhead can leak or even fall off at inopportune moments.

There are also many different eco-shower heads to choose from, which can be overwhelming. Choosing the right one for the home is another area that a professional plumber can be of help.

Can Switching to an Eco-Shower Head Save Money?

eco savingsAbsolutely, yes. In addition to the environmental benefits that an eco-shower head can provide, getting this plumbing upgrade can also provide the homeowner with financial savings as well.

With the average eco-shower head using, on average, about 3 gallons of water less than a traditional showerhead, that can add up to dollars saved fairly quickly. In fact, with a family of four, just switching showerheads can potentially save about a few hundred dollars on the water bill every year.

And, as discussed above, the less water that is used during a shower, the less energy that is needed to heat that water. This means a decrease in heating bills, as well. With eco-shower heads so great for both the budget and the world, there really is no excuse to contact a professional for an estimate today!

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