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All About Outdoor Plumbing Blockages

Top Tips for Avoiding Plumbing Blockages

Plumbing blockages are much more common than people think. Smaller blockages are a nuisance, but larger blockages can wreak havoc on the home. This is true for both the inside and the outside plumbing systems. Large plumbing blockages outside the home can cause sewage to back up into the house, which is not only expensive and frustrating but also a potential health hazard. This article will cover some of the ways that your outdoor plumbing can be affected and what you can do to protect it!

What Exactly Is the Outdoor Plumbing System?

When most people think about their plumbing system, they usually think of the pipes located on the inside of the home and in the home’s foundation. However, the outdoor plumbing system extends out into the yard and into the street. It also includes any sewer lines, vents, and drains.

outdoor plumbing

Outdoor plumbing systems can also include things like outdoor faucets, pipes for sprinkler systems, outdoor sinks, and showers, and pool drains. Plumbing blockages in any part of the outdoor plumbing system can cause serious issues for the home both inside and out, but finding out why they happen can lead to the prevention of clogs

Clogs in Outdoor Pipes

There are a few potential causes for plumbing blockages in the outdoor plumbing and sewer system.

  • outdoor pipesTree Roots - Infiltration of the pipes by tree roots is one of the top causes of outdoor plumbing blockages. This is especially true for homes with older pipes. As trees and other plants grow, they naturally seek out water. If they are close enough to a pipe, they can latch on and eventually start to grow inside of the pipe.
  • Foreign Objects - Anything flushed down the toilet that isn’t toilet paper can potentially lead to plumbing blockages.
  • Grease - The same goes for grease allowed to go down the kitchen sink drain. As it cools, it hardens and sticks to the inside of the pipes.
  • Sagging Pipes - As the ground underneath the pipes shifts, it can cause them to sag. Any section of the pipe that is lower than the rest can lead to a buildup of waste.
  • Pipe Damage - Pipes that are beginning to corrode, or those with leaking joints, can also lead to plumbing blockages before they ultimately break or rupture. These damage areas attract waste passing through the pipes, which builds up and eventually clogs.

How Hydrojetting Can Help

For really large plumbing blockages that are resistant to other attempts at unclogging, hydrojetting is a great option. The way that hydrojetting works is by forcing a stream of very highly pressurized water (usually around 35,000 psi) through the pipes in the home.

As it passes through them, the water also takes with it any clogs, waste, grease (or other buildup), and tree roots that may have intruded into the pipes. It cleans the pipes from the inside, in a way that no other plumbing service does.


Not only does this help clean out plumbing blockages, but it also cleans out issues that have yet to build up enough to cause a larger problem. It can help to maintain the health of the pipe and also lengthens their lifespan.

Hydrojetting should always be done by a trained plumber, due to the possibility of further pipe damage if done by someone inexperienced.

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