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Water filtration systems are often overlooked as being non-essential parts of the home. However, did you know that most of the water entering your home has some amount of impurities in it? That water could be directly affect your health and your home’s plumbing system. Whether you’re installing a point of use filter or a whole home water filtration system, you’re going to want the input of a trained plumber to make the right choice for your home.

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What Are the Benefits of a Whole House Water Filtration System?

When considering the installation of any optional appliance, it’s prudent to list out the cost advantages as well as any convenience benefits. The obvious benefit is having clean water from every faucet or source in the home.

Having ‘clean’ water is one thing, but what does that truly mean?

  • Chemical irritants such as chlorine are removed from water when it enters the home plumbing system. This can help those who suffer from breathing issues.
  • Pure drinking water has health benefits. Chlorine placed into the water kills the good bacteria in your body which will make you more prone to bacterial infections.
  • In the event of a breakdown of the city water system, you will still have clean, drinkable water.
  • Choosing to drink filtered water from the tap will save you time and money spent buying bottled water. Using fewer water bottles also helps the environment.

Which Systems Are Right for Your Home?

There are quite a few types of whole house water filtration systems. What works for one household might not work for yours, and vice versa.

Learning about the different types of filtration systems and consulting with a professional will allow you to make the most educated decision about what type of filter you need. Some of the best options include:

  • Reverse Osmosis: This water filtration system uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove all types of contaminants and chemicals from the water. It’s easy to clean and maintain and is up to EPA standards.
  • Distillation: This process heats water up to boiling temperatures allowing the water to evaporate. The evaporated water condenses and is used for drinking water. It is one of the most natural ways of filtration.
  • Activated Charcoal: This is another great filtration option. This method acts as a magnet to pull out any impurities in water including chemicals, heavy metals, and rust particles.
  • UV Purification: This is the most effective filtration system for killing bacteria in water. UV purification is considered natural, but not always cost-effective, depending on budget.

There are also a number of other filtration systems on the market, but these four are the most common and effective.

The Lascko Services Difference

When choosing a company to install a whole house water filtration system, you are going to want to look for a business that has been around, is reliable, fair, and licensed.

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