Muskegon Sewer Line Repairs

Reliable sewer line repair and replacement services in Muskegon

Out of sight and out of mind is definitely the life of your sewer lines, until you find yourself with a smelly and seriously unsanitary issue in your Muskegon home. Your sewer lines are essential for keeping waste out of your home and fresh water in. If they’re damaged or leaking in any way, not only is it a problem for your home, it could also be an issue for your health. That’s why getting quality sewer line repair services from our experts at Lascko Services is always the way to go.

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How To Tell if Your Sewer Lines Need Repairs

Part of being a homeowner is always being on the lookout for potential issues before they become emergencies, and the same can be said for your sewer lines. Some warning signs to look for include:

  • Foul Smelling Drains: We all know how bad wastewater can smell, which is why it’s one of the easiest things to identify in our homes. If you get a whiff of something sour anytime you flush your toilet or drain water out of your sink, there may be some damaged plumbing in your home.
  • Low Water Pressure: Your plumbing system is a highly pressurized and well-oiled machine - when it’s working. If you start to notice low flowing toilets and faucets, a leaking sewer line may be the problem.
  • Pooling Water: A majority of your sewer lines will run through your yard. So if you find some wet spots, patches of dead grass, or a complete puddle of water on your lawn, you’re going to need immediate sewer line repair services.
  • Old Pipes: Although you can’t always see your plumbing, you know roughly how old it is. If your sewer lines are over 15 years old, and constantly suffering from leaks and issues, sewer pipe replacement is on the horizon.

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The Benefits of Sewer Pipe Replacement

In most cases, sewer pipe repair is always going to be the first course of action, but when replacements are needed, it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. While there is an initial cost, you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits including:

  • Improved drainage
  • Better water pressure
  • Cleaner water
  • Less risk of backflow contamination
  • Improved property value

The Lascko Services Difference

At Lascko Services our slogan is, “when you need us we’ll be there.” As homeowners in the Muskegon area, we understand the challenges associated with sewer line issues. It’s also why we always provide our customers with the very best plumbing services. Whether you need sewer line installation, a quick patch, or help detecting a water leak, our experienced plumbers have the skills and technology needed to get the job done right.

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