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5 AC Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Fixing things around the house yourself is a valuable, money-saving skill. However, when it comes to air conditioner repair, you’re better off letting a professional handle it because you risk significant damage if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here are the five most common air conditioner problems that require the help of a certified AC contractor.

Poor Airflow
Your air conditioner should produce strong airflow from the vents throughout the house. So, if you notice that the airflow is weak in one or more rooms, it could be that your compressor is failing or you have a blockage in your ducts.

Electrical Issues
If your lights flicker or dim, or the breaker trips every time you run your air conditioner, it means you have a severe electrical problem. Repairing electrical issues is dangerous, so you should leave it to the pros.

Your AC Blows Warm Air
Many homeowners assume that an air conditioner blowing warm air is just part of the system’s aging process. But this isn’t something you should put up with, especially during the height of summer. Call a professional HVAC technician to diagnose the problem and restore proper function to your system.

Loud Noises
If you hear noises like scraping, grinding, screeching, or rattling when your air conditioner is running, shut it off and call for help as soon as possible. Loud noises happen for various reasons, and it takes a skilled pro to diagnose the problem.

Increased Energy Bills
You should expect a slight rise in your electricity expenses during summer when you rely on your air conditioner more to keep you cool. However, if your bill rises beyond what you’re expecting and won’t come down, it usually means your air conditioner isn’t running efficiently and needs an inspection and tune-up to bring it in line.

To reduce the chance of total system breakdown and expensive repairs, call the experts at Lascko Services if you notice any of these problems.

Benefits of Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

Any AC system within your home, in your car, or wherever requires regular upkeep to continue working correctly. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in maintaining and cleaning systems from most major brands to maximize efficiency, longevity, and comfort.

Preventive care does more than extend the life of your system. You can also experience cleaner air because we’ll clean out the system to ensure it isn’t spreading dust, pet dander, and allergens everywhere. We can also tell you if there are any potential problems on the horizon, providing you with the knowledge you need to decide when it’s time to switch out your old system for a new one.

Experts recommend scheduling air conditioner maintenance at least once a year, preferably in the spring, so your system is ready to go once summer arrives.

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners are expensive investments, so it’s natural for homeowners to put off upgrading to a new one as long as possible. However, as we’ll see, sometimes it’s better to replace your system instead of repairing it.

AC Lifespan
A typical air conditioner lasts approximately 15 years, and if you maintain a strict maintenance schedule, you may get up to 20 years. As air conditioners age, major parts wear out, which can be expensive and labor-intensive to replace. Depending on the affected component, replacing the entire system may be more cost-effective than replacing the part.

AC Efficiency
Another thing to consider is how efficient your current system is compared to newer models. If your air conditioner is old, you’re likely paying more for electricity than you should. A SEER rating measures air conditioner efficiency; the higher the rating, the more efficient the system, similar to a vehicle’s MPG. SEER ratings start at eight and go up to approximately 20-25. If you have an older air conditioner with a low SEER rating, you’re better off replacing it with a new, higher efficiency model to take advantage of the energy savings.

Cost of Repair vs. Replacement
Lastly, you must compare how much it will cost to repair your current system to replace it. As a general rule, if the repair cost is 50% or more than a replacement, it’s more economical for you to invest in a new system.

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