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Are you remodeling your home? Maybe building a new one? Before you make any major decisions about your HVAC unit and how you will heat your home, you should consider radiant heating. Although radiant heating has been around for eons, it is becoming popular once again because of its luxury feel and effectiveness in heat distribution. At Lascko Services we can help you design and install the system to enjoy warmth and comfort right from your floor!

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What is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating is an option that can be installed below the surface of your floor. It seems luxurious because it is--it keeps your feet warm no matter the surface or the temperature outside!
There are three main types of radiant heating systems. These include an air-based, hydronic (water) based, and electrical. Each of these three systems offers warmth by carrying air, water, or electrical current through the floor.

Why Should You Install Radiant Heating?

Again, besides the fact this heating is luxurious and will increase the resale value of your home, it has several other benefits:

  • Radiant heating is more effective at keeping a house warm because heat naturally tends to rise, meaning it isn’t distributed at your ceiling then left to warm from top down.
  • No ductwork to worry about--even the best-maintained ductwork can leak. Leaky ducts mean less heat and a harder working system. This harder working system will increase electric bills.
  • Can be used alone or in combination with a heating unit or furnace. If you’d like to install this type of heating only in your bathroom or bedroom, it’s an option. You can actually choose to install radiant heating in parts of rooms--under the vanity, near the toilet or shower, or right where you step out of bed.

If your power is priced differently during peak and off-peak hours, you can set your radiant heating system to warm overnight. In the morning, you’re able to turn it off and allow the radiant heat to keep your house warm throughout the day.

Choose Lascko Services

Of course, you can choose anyone or any business to install your radiant heating system. Most often people want the cheapest price for the work, however, that isn’t always the best price.
With Lascko Services, we offer flat-rate pricing! If you have a heating, cooling, or plumbing issue, you will talk to us directly and a drug-free technician will be on his way shortly thereafter.

We’ve been in business since 1999 so we understand the importance of reliability, commitment to service, and integrity. Lascko Services is also licensed and insured which protects you and your home.

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