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Feel Better with Great Air Conditioning


Your AC system is something that, when it’s working properly, you probably don’t give much thought. However, when it’s having a problem or not running, it can quickly lead to everyone in your household being uncomfortable and miserable.

This is why proper AC maintenance is so important; without it, that AC system you tend to take for granted will suddenly and very inconveniently become the forefront of any issues you may be dealing with at home.

Let’s take a look at some of the important functions your air conditioning system provides that maybe you hadn’t thought of.

The Air We Breathe

Your AC unit is literally responsible for the healthy air you breathe in your home. Having clean and healthy air in your home is important because it helps ensure everyone can breathe well, especially the elderly, children, and those with asthma or other related breathing issues. Here’s how your AC maintenance will keep your air clean:

  • breathecleanairYour air filter will ensure the capture of dust, allergens, and mold particles so that they are not breathed in.
  • A properly maintained AC unit will ensure lower levels of moisture in the air, which in turn prevents mold from rampantly growing and causing breathing problems.
  • Odors in the home and outside that can be harmful or unpleasant can be filtered out by a well-running AC unit.

Always Enjoy the Hot Summer Months With A Well-Run AC Unit

alwaysWhen you come into your home from the outside midsummer furnace, there’s honestly nothing better than that initial blast of cold air and having the ability to relax in the cooler temperature while in the comfort of your home.

Not only is maintaining the temperature in your home essential to comfort, but it’s also incredibly important to the well-being of those who live in your home.

Kids, seniors, and those with medical conditions especially need to be kept in a regulated temperature while indoors, as hotter temperatures can prove dangerous. When you notice the months getting warmer, don’t delay and make sure you schedule your service call as soon as possible.

AC Emergencies are Costly Headaches

The dreaded emergency AC repair - no one wants to deal with this, especially when it’s 90 degrees outside and in. When you have to do an emergency AC repair, not only does it jeopardize your family’s safety and comfort, but it can majorly impact your budget. Let’s take a look at some ways good AC maintenance and can prevent you from being in an unwanted AC situation:

  • avoidemergenciesMake sure you have a certified and experienced technician come to your home at least once per year to assess for any repairs, upgrades, or replacements that may be needed to keep your unit running in tip-top shape. Being proactive with your servicing can ensure you don’t have to spend a ton later to fix bigger problems.
  • Switch out your AC filters often, at least every 60-90 days, dependent on if you have any smokers or animals in your home. Doing this can prevent costly clogs from forming in your system.
  • Don’t forget the upkeep on your outdoor unit. Keeping it clear and clean of debris, dirt, and dust will ensure it doesn’t overheat and airflow will continue to run properly.

We hope these tips prove useful to you. We truly believe that when you perform proper AC maintenance in your home it’ll contribute to your family’s overall health and comfort, as well as preventing unnecessary and costly repair headaches. If you haven’t already done so, contact us at (231) 725-2777 today!

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