Muskegon Plumbing Services

Lascko Services is a well known and trusted Muskegon plumber providing a variety of plumbing services in Western Michigan. Our plumbing services include plumbing repairs, plumbing installations, hot water heater repair and installation, tankless water heaters, leaky water pipe repairs, repiping, water conditioning, water filtration, bathroom plumbing repairs and remodeling, kitchen plumbing repairs and remodeling, sump pumps, gas line installation, and more.

When you need a licensed plumber for your Muskegon area home, you can rely on the Lascko Services experts for all your plumbing needs. Lascko Services has been the most trusted Muskegon plumbing services company since 1999. Whether you need a plumbing repair, a plumbing upgrade, or maintenance on existing equipment, Lascko Plumbing Services has you covered.

Services Our Muskegon Plumbing Contractors Provide

Plumbing Repairs & Replacements

Muskegon Plumbing Repairs & ReplacementsWe know plumbing problems are inconvenient. That's why Lascko Services makes our plumbing repair services easy and convenient. We offer extended appointment hours, fully stocked trucks and the best plumbing guarantee in the Muskegon area. If you are in need of plumbing repairs, don't hesitate to call our expert plumbers to request service. We will handle any plumbing problem you have, large or small, with professionalism and exceptional customer service ... Read More

Water Heater Repairs & Replacements

Muskegon Water Heater Repairs & ReplacementsWhether you have a gas water heater or an electric hot water heater, our Muskegon plumbers have the skills and tools needed to take care of all your water heater repairs and replacement needs ... Read More

Tankless Water Heater Repairs & Replacements

Muskegon Tankless Water Heater Repairs & ReplacementsTankless water heater repair and replacement is a specialty of ours at Lascko Services. Are you interested in having an energy efficient, money-saving tankless water heater installed in your home? Contact Lascko Services today! We would love to provide you with more information on these innovative hot water heating system alternative ... Read More

Leaky Water Pipe & Fixture Repair

Muskegon Leaky Water Pipe & Fixture RepairLeaky water pipes and plumbing fixtures can wreck havoc on your home. Whether you have a burst water pipe causing a mess in your home or a leaky kitchen faucet, Lascko Services is here to help. We provide professional leak repair services to help homeowners minimize water damages and other plumbing problems ... Read More

Water Conditioning & Filtration

Muskegon Water Conditioning & FiltrationLet our water treatment specialists provide you with the water conditioning products and services you need to improve the taste and quality of your home's water supply. From water softeners to water filtration systems, our plumbing service professionals can advise you as to what products and treatments will best fit your needs and concerns ... Read More

Bathroom Plumbing Repair & Remodeling

Muskegon Bathroom Plumbing Repair & RemodelingInvesting in a bathroom remodeling project? Let our expert plumbing service professionals provide the plumbing installations and replacements you need to ensure your renovation is a success. Our professional technicians are experts when it comes to installing and repairing bathroom plumbing for homeowners in the Muskegon area ... Read More

Kitchen Plumbing Repair & Remodeling

Muskegon Kitchen Plumbing Repair & RemodelingWhether you are remodeling your kitchen or are in need of plumbing repairs for the various appliances and fixtures in your kitchen, you can count on the professional Muskegon plumbers at Lascko Services for all your kitchen plumbing needs. When it comes to kitchen plumbing, we do it all ... Read More

Sump & Ejector Pump Repair & Installation

Muskegon Sump & Ejector Pump Repair & InstallationPrevent basement flooding and extensive water damages with a sump pump installed by the professional Muskegon plumbers at Lascko Services. We provide expert sump and ejector pump repair and installation services to homeowners throughout our service area ... Read More

Gas Line Installation Service & Replacement

Muskegon Gas Line Installation Service & ReplacementThe plumbers at Lascko Services are professionally certified gas line installation and replacement service technicians. You can trust our crew of specialists to take care of all your gas line needs with precision and expert care, assuring the safety of you and your family ... Read More

Service Partner Plan

Muskegon Plumbing ServiceEnsure your plumbing system stays in good condition by signing up for our service partner plan. You'll save money on plumbing repairs and replacements while getting peace of mind knowing your home's plumbing is being serviced regularly by a professional Muskegon plumber who has your best interests in mind ... Read More

If you are looking for a Muskegon Plumbing contractor then please call 231-828-2599 or complete our online request form.