Muskegon Heating Services

Lascko Services is a professional Muskegon heating contractor providing a variety of residential heating services to customers throughout our service area. Our heating services include heating repairs, heating system installation, furnace replacements, boiler repairs, heat pump repairs, geothermal heating solutions, and various indoor air quality products and services.

If your furnace causes your house to get too hot, your boiler doesn’t heat at all, your radiator hammers, or your heat pump blows cold air, call Lascko Services for an on-time, professional service call. Whatever your home heating needs are, we'll take care of it.

Services Our Muskegon Heating Contractors Provide

Home Heating Repair

Muskegon heating repairWhen you need heating repairs for your home's heating system, whether you have a furnace, boiler, geothermal heat pump or any other type of heating system, our Muskegon heating contractors are here to help. We provide prompt, reliable heating repairs to all our customers ... Read More

Home Heating Tune-up & Maintenance

Muskegon heating maintenanceWant to save money on your heating costs and avoid the need for an inconvenient heating system replacement? Investing in professional heating maintenance and routine tune-ups from the experts at Lascko Services can not only save you money by ensuring your heating unit is operating at peak efficiency, but it can prolong the life of the heating equipment ... Read More

Home Heating Replacement & Installation

Muskegon heating installationFrom furnace replacements to boiler installations, you can rely on the Muskegon heating contractor at Lascko Services to take care of all your heating installation and replacement needs. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced professionals that get the job done right the first time ... Read More

Geothermal Home Heating

Muskegon geothermal heatingGeothermal heating solutions is a specialty of ours. If you are in need of geothermal heat pump repairs, installation or replacement services, please give us a call at 231-828-2599. Want to learn more about energy efficient heat pumps and geothermal heating solutions? Call your Muskegon heating service experts at Lascko Services today ... Read More

Indoor Air Quality - Whole House Humidifiers

Muskegon humidifiersThe use of central heating and air conditioning systems can strip away the moisture from the air inside your home, causing more than a few discomforts. Dry, itchy skin, headaches, and brittle furnishings are just a few of the problems dry air causes. With a whole house humidifier from Lascko Services, however, you can avoid these issues easily ... Read More

Service Partner Plan

Muskegon heating serviceIn Michigan, keeping your electric, gas, or propane furnace, heat pump, or boilers and radiators operating at peak performance is not just a good idea, it’s a necessity. No one knows Western Michigan home heating repair, replacement, or maintenance better than the Muskegon heating service technicians at Lascko Services. Check out our Service Partner Plan and learn how routine heating maintenance can improve your home's heating system and save you money ... Read More

If you are looking for a Muskegon Heating contractor then please call 231-828-2599 or complete our online request form.