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Muskegon Drain Cleaners

Bio-Clean Is A Natural, Organic Drain Cleaner For Use In Your Muskegon, Oceana And Ottawa County, MI Area Home.

Bio-Clean is a blend of natural bacteria and enzymes that will clean your drains and sewer with out harsh chemicals

Bio-Clean is non-poisonous. It creates no heat, no fumes, no boiling. It does not attack live tissue nor inorganic materials, only organic wastes like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton & sewage. This makes BIO-CLEAN safe for people, plumbing and the environment. BIO-CLEAN changes the waste particles into water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash which run harmlessly out of your waste system.

Bio-Clean is the safe effective way to keep drains clear

Lascko Plumbing recommends and sells Bio-Clean to keep your drains from clogging. Learn more about this all natural treatment by playing the video below.

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We Provide Drain Cleaners like Bio-Clean in the Following Towns in Michigan

Muskegon, MI | North Muskegon, MI | Norton Shores, MI | Whitehall, MI | Montague, MI | Holton, MI | Fremont, MI | Ravenna, MI | Coopersville, MI | Nunica, MI | And More

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