Backup Generator Installation

backup-generators-muskegonFew things are as frustrating and inconvenient as a power outage. When the power goes out in a winter blizzard, the situation can even become dangerous. At Lascko Services, we specialize in installing convenient backup generators for Muskegon homes and businesses, so you won’t have to worry when the grid goes down. With a backup generator, your home can stay warm and well-lit no matter what happens.

How Backup Generators Work

A backup generator unit involves both the standby generator itself, and an automatic transfer switch that activates the backup power within seconds of a power outage. These elements will be professionally installed by our expert electricians, integrating them into your home’s existing wiring. Backup generators in Muskegon run on either propane or natural gas. Unlike a portable generator, which runs on gasoline, a standby generator installed by Lascko Services is a permanent backup power solution. You’ll never have to worry about refueling, extension cords, or carbon monoxide.

Selecting Backup Generators to Suit Your Home

The three main types of automatic backup generators include select-circuit generators, managed whole-house generators, and whole-house backup generators.

  • Select-circuit backup generators are the most cost-effective option. Most models can power up to 10 electrical loads in your home. They’re ideal for running a few essential things, like the refrigerator, heating, electric stove, or television.
  • Managed whole-house generators can handle more than select-circuit generators.
  • Whole-house generators are the most effective option, although they’re also the most costly. They’re ideal for larger homes, and can power a wide array of demanding appliances. With a whole-house generator, you can even enjoy a soak in your hot tub during a power outage.

Advantages Versus a Portable Generator

Many families in Muskegon rely on a portable generator to power essential appliances during a power outage, but you can’t beat the convenience and power of a permanent backup generator. Portable generators need to be situated outside, with extension cords running through windows or doors. During the winter, this can be a problem since it can let in frigid air, but indoor usage of a portable generator is impossible because they emit deadly carbon monoxide gas. Portable generators also need to be refueled often with gasoline, which can be a hassle compared to the convenience of a fully wired, automatic standby generator. Permanent backup generators also power more appliances than a portable generator can, so you don’t have to choose between devices due to limited capacity.

For maximum convenience and protection when the power goes out, your best option is a permanent standby generator. At Lascko Services, we specialize in installing quality backup generators that integrate seamlessly into your home’s wiring, activating automatically within seconds of a power outage. Backup generators are a worthwhile investment for homeowners for Muskegon homeowners who don’t want to deal with the hassle of going without electricity during a storm or other emergency.

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