Our Code of Ethics

A Strict Code Of Ethics Guides Our Actions

We've been taking care of families in the Muskegon, MI area since 1999

We are fair in our dealings with customers, employees and business partners. We abide by our own code of ethics and competency as well as the codes of ethics laid out by the professional organizations we belong to. Our dedication to ethical behavior ensures you and your home are treated with the respect you deserve.

Code of Ethics & Competency Check List

 1.Current business license
 2.State mechanical license
 3.EPA Certification
 4.BBB status in good standing
 5.Supplier reference letter
 6.Client reference letter

 7.Insurance certificate - not self insured (make sure if covers property and liability)
 8.Bank character reference letter

Workmanship & Safety
 9.Get a written bid on company form. It should list specific model numbers; suggested equipment to be installed and a complete scope of work to be performed.
 10.Photo I.D. badges listing the technicians and / or installers certification level
 11.Employee background check and status
 12.Ongoing technical OEM training
 13.True 24/7 emergency service
 14.Do they use a gas combustion analyzer with probe to check for problems in your heating unit? (the probe is an expensive diagnostic tool that measures specific oxygen and CO2 levels)
 15.Ask if they provide a solid quote before the job begins

Professionalism & Service
 16.No delay communications policy
 17.Professional apperarance and job site clean-up policy
 18.Do they offer affordable financing? (most companies offer nothing, or only extend credit to top FICO scores, or will only finance equipment...not labor)


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